SCB 103 Smart Classroom


SCB 103 contains two projection systems - a projector and screen, and a smartboard. 

To use the projector and screen, choose [DISPLAY ON/DISPLAY OFF] on the Crestron Control Box. 

To use the smartboard, choose [POWER ON/POWER OFF] on the Crestrol Control Box.

The Smartboard will function as a simple projector, or may be used as an interactive whiteboard using the markers provided in the tray. On the left of the screen, click on the translucent arrows. Tools for using your Smartboard will become visible. Choose the mouse option (the arrow icon) to use a marker or the touch of your finger in the same manner as a computer mouse. The notepad option will open a blank page on which you may write or draw. You may save your notations back to a computer or flash drive. Many other functions of the the Smartboard may be found by visiting their website.

To project an image from the computer:
On the Crestron box, press PC. On the computer, press the power button and log in.

DVDs may be played through the computer.

To project an image from the Document Camera:
On the Crestron box, press Doc Camera. The Document Camera will turn on automatically. Papers or objects placed on the circular base will be projected onto the screen.

To project an image from your laptop:
Connect your laptop to the 15-pin VGA cable and 1/8" mini audio cable. Turn on the power to the laptop. On the Crestron box, press the Laptop button. Make sure the laptop output is active. A green LAN cable is provided if wireless is not used. 

To project an image from an HDMI or Video source:
HDMI and analog Video ports are provided on the Extron connection box, located next to the Crestron control box. Connect your own equipment. Then on the Crestron box, press the HDMI o Video button. Please note that an HDMI source will project onto the screen but will not display on the instructor's monitor.

An IPod may be connected to the 1/8" mini audio cable (also used for Laptop audio). Press the Laptop button on the Crestron box and adjust the volume.  

Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron control box. 

The Freeze button will freeze a moving image. Press Freeze a second time to return to normal. 

The Blank button will prevent an image from being projected onto the screen. Press Blank a second time to return to normal.


IMPORTANT! Press the DISPLAY OFF button on the Crestron Control Box to turn off the projector. Turn off the computer and document camera.