Instructional Media Services

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REH 109 Conference Room

REH 109 Conference Room contains a flat screen monitor with a cable for laptop connection.  To display a laptop image on the flatscreen: 

Turn on the power to the flat screen monitor.  Connect the 15-pin VGA cable and 1/8" mini audio cable to your laptop.  (If you are connecting a Mac, you may need your own adapter.)  On the flatscreen, choose Input 2.  Turn on the power to the laptop and wait as it boots up. 

If you do not see the laptop's image on the monitor, follow these instructions.  On the top row of your laptop's keyboard, locate the F key that is labeled LCD or has an icon of a monitor on it.  On most laptops, it is usually the F4, F7 or F8 key.  Press and hold the Function key while simultaneously pressing this F key.  Your laptop's image should now be displayed on the monitor. 

For assistance, please call Instructional Media Services at x3633 days or x3639 evenings.