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To turn on the projector: press the DISPLAY ON button on the Crestron Control Box. The screen will lower automatically.

To project an image from the computer: on the Crestron box, press PC. On the computer, press the power button and log in.

To project an image from your laptop: connect your laptop to the 15-pin VGA cable and 1/8" mini audio cable, then power on your laptop. On the Crestron box, press the Laptop button. A black LAN cable is provided if wireless is not used.

To project the document camera: On Crestron box, press Doc Cam. The Document Camera will turn on automatically. Papers or objects placed beneath the camera will be projected onto the screen.

To project an image from an HDMI or Video source: HDMI and analog Video ports are provided on the Extron connection box, located next to the Crestron control box. Connect your own equipment. Then on the Crestron box, press the HDMI or Video button. Please note that an HDMI source will project on the screen but will not display on the instructor's monitor.

An IPod may be connected to the 1/8" mini audio cable. Press the Laptop button and adjust volume.

The Blank button will project a black screen until it is pressed a second time. Freeze will freeze an image on the screen until it is pressed a second time.

Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron control box. Use the up and down buttons on the Five Way Navigation Pad to manually control the screen.

To change image color modes, select from buttons on bottom row of button panel. Color modes available are Natural, Standard, Dynamic, Cinema, and Graphic.

At the end of class, shut down the computer or document camera.

IMPORTANT: At the end of class, press the DISPLAY OFF button to turn off the projector!

For technical assistance or instruction, call New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.



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