LC 113 Smart Classroom Instructions


To Turn On the Projector, located behind the rear screen:
On the Crestron control box, press the Display On button. (Please remember to turn off the projector at the end of class by pressing the Display Off button.)

To Turn On the Computer:
Press the Power button on the computer. Enter your New Paltz Computer User ID and password.

To Display the Computer:
Press the PC button on the control box.

To Display the Document Camera:
Press the Doc Camera button on the control box. The document camera will turn on automatically. Papers or documents placed on the table beneath the camera will be projected onto the screen.

To Display a Laptop:
Connect your laptop to the 15-pin VGA cable and the 1/8" mini audio cable, then power on your laptop. On the control box, press the Laptop button. A LAN cable is provided if wireless is not used. If your laptop is not displayed correctly, press the Auto Image button.

To Display an image from an HDMI or Video source:
HDMI and analog video ports are provided on the Extron connection box, located next to the Crestron control box. Connect your own tablet or video equipment. On the Crestron box, press the HDMI or Video button. Please note that the HDMI source will project onto the screen but will not display on the instructor's monitor.

Volume Control: Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron control box.

The Freeze button will capture an image being projected, and continue to project it until the button is pushed a second time.

The Blank button will project a black screen until the button is pushed a second time.

USB Drives may be connected to the computer via ports on left side of monitor.

IMPORTANT! Please remember to TURN OFF all equipment at the end of class.

For technical assistance or instruction, contact New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.