LC 102 Smart Classroom Instructions

This classroom contains a Computer, Crestron Touch Screen, Document Camera, Blu-Ray DVD Player, Podium Microphone and ports to connect additional equipment like laptops and tablets.

Additional Microphones may be ordered from IMS at x3630.  Available are lavaliere (lapel) mics, wireless handheld mics, aisle mics and table mics.

Start by touching the Crestron Touch Screen to activate it. Touch the screen again to Begin. Turn on the Projector.  The Screen will lower automatically.

Program volume is located on the right side of the touch screen.  Microphone volume is on the left. 

Choose a Source to display:  Computer, Document Camera, Blu-Ray DVD Player.  Additional equipment can be connected via the Laptop VGA, Video Composite and HDMI ports on the desk.  Connect your own equipment and choose the appropriate source button. 

The Blank button will project a black screen until it is pressed a second time.  Freeze will freeze an image on the screen until it is pressed a second time.  While another image is projected, you may choose Computer to Monitor to view the computer at the instructor's desk.  Lighting Controls are on the bottom row.

AT THE END OF CLASS, ALWAYS SHUT DOWN THE SYSTEM!  Press the System Off button! The projector will turn off, the screen will raise.


Computer - Press Computer on the Crestron Touch Screen.  The Projector will turn on automatically.  Turn on power to the computer by pressing the button on the upper left corner of the unit.  Enter your New Paltz Computer User ID and password.

Document Camera - Press  Document Camera on the Crestron Touch Screen.  The unit will power on instantly.  Items placed on the circular base will be projected onto the screen.

Blu-Ray DVD Player - Press Blu-Ray on the Crestron Touch Screen.  Turn on the power and insert Blu-Ray or standard DVD.  Navigate the DVD player menu by using the dvd controls on the unit or use the remote control.

For technical assistance or support, please call New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.