Humanities 305, 309, 311, 312, 313, 315, 317, 318, 320


The Humanities Third Floor Classrooms listed at the top of this page contain a Computer with Windows 7, a 16x10 LCD projector, a Document Camera,  a DVD/VHS Player, Stereo Speakers and a Crestron Control System. 

To turn on the projector: Press DISPLAY ON on the Crestron Control Box. Allow 30 seconds for the projector to warm up. The screen will lower automatically.

To project an image from the computer: On Creston box, press PC. On the computer, press the power button and log in, using your New Paltz Computer User ID and password.

To project an image from the document camera: On Crestron box, press Doc Camera. On the Document Camera, press the power button. Blue is on, red is off.  To turn off the Document Camera, press and hold the power button for three seconds until button turns red.

To project an image from your laptop: On Crestron box, press the Laptop button. Connect your laptop to the Crestron box via a VGA cable. Audio is connected through an 1/8" mini cable.  If your image is not projected correctly, press the Auto Image button on the Crestron box.

To project an image from the DVD/VHS player: On Crestron box, press the Video button. On the DVD/VHS player, press the power button. DVDs may also be played through the Computer.

For iPod or MP3 Player use: Connect the MP3 player to the laptop 1/8" mini audio cable. Press the Doc Camera button on the Crestron box.

Volume is adjusted by a knob on the Crestron control box.

USB drives may be connected to the front of the computer or to the ports on the side of the monitor.

To turn off the projector: Press the DISPLAY OFF button on the Crestron Control Box.  Also turn off the Computer, DVD/VHS player, or Document Camera.

For technical assistance or instruction, please call New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.