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Human Resources and Affirmative Action

Classrooms with Installed Technology:
CSB Auditorium

NOTE!  THIS ROOM IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Updated instructions will be posted shortly.


CSB Auditorium Smart Science Classroom



Touch the Crestron Control Screen to begin.

Choose Projector 1 or Projector 2. Press the Projector ON button. The Screen will lower automatically. Both projectors may be used at the same, for two different images.

Under Projector headings, choose what you would like to project:  PC – Laptop – Document Camera – VCR   (Please note that the Microscope and Track Camera options are not operational.)


For computer use, press the power button and log in.  DVDs may be played through the computer.

When choosing the document camera, papers or objects placed on the circular base will be projected onto the screen.

When choosing a laptop, connect the laptop to the 15-pin VGA cable and the 1/8" mini audio cable, then power on your laptop. 

Turn on the podium microphone by pressing the small power switch at the base. On the Crestron screen, adjust the microphone volume.

A lavaliere microphone is also available. It is stored either in the top drawer of the adjoining desk, or near the computer in the instructor's station. Power it on via the on/off switch on the body pack.

Program volume may be adjusted at the Crestron screen.

To adjust lighting, press the yellow lighting button on the Crestron screen. This opens a lighting control panel. Choose one of six options depending on your presentation needs.

Please turn off the equipment and press the SHUT DOWN button on the Crestron screen at the end of class.


For technical support or instruction, please call New Paltz Support at 845-257-6789.