During your stay in New Paltz, you will participate in a rigorous academic program that includes the courses listed below:

Two (2) Business Courses

IIB students join American and other international students in two business classes at the graduate or undergraduate level. You may choose from courses in marketing, finance, economics, management, international business, accounting, and more. You will join these full-semester classes for the first half of the semester. For a general list of business courses offered at the School of Business.

Public Relations for the Business major Course

You will study public relations in a course designed especially for the IIB. Taught by an instructor from the SUNY New Paltz Department of Communication and Media, an experienced expert in the field, this course covers such topics as persuasion and public opinion, the electronic media, mass media, international advertising, search engine optimization, news releases, and much more. Case studies are an integral part of the course, and you will have a chance to try your hand at writing press releases. 

Business Communication Course

In this course designed especially for the IIB, you will learn the American style of business writing and speaking. You will get a chance to write business letters, memos, work emails, and practice some personal writing. All the while, you will be improving your grammar, fluency, and vocabulary in the language that has become the major language of business and travel throughout the world.