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Hudson Valley Writing Project

Early Childhood Workshops

The Art of Conversation with Young Children

In this special workshop for teachers working with children ages three to five, we will explore the relationship between oral history best practices and pedagogical ideals in the early childhood classroom. Specifically, we'll emphasize the use of listening, open-ended questions, and silence.

How can oral history training help us to identify our strengths, weaknesses, and preferences as speakers and as listeners? How can we respectfully inhabit our role as teacher/interviewer, using our questions to invite mutual exploration and greater understanding?

Expert facilitator Suzanne Snider, Oral History Summer School director and founder, will address these questions as she guides us in a series of interactive exercises, gives a brief presentation, and facilitates our discussion. Together we will think about how our use of language can help children become thinkers and develop literacy skills to see the world and others in new ways. Time will be given to plan classroom experimentation, as we consider how oral history techniques can help us build relationships with children, parents, and colleagues. 

Breakfast and refreshments will be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own food as well. 

DATE:     Saturday, April 28th | 8:30 am-1:00 pm
LOCATION:   SUNY New Paltz, Old Main Building, 1907 Room
CREDIT: Participants will receive a CTLE/OCFS certificate documenting 4 inservice hours. 
COST: $30. Financial assistance is available. 
REGISTER: Online at the Hudson Valley Writing Project website.
CONTACT: Jackie Denu, Early Childhood Program Director
denuj@newpaltz.edu | 845-257-2811

This event is co-sponsored by Hudson Valley Writing Project and Early Childhood Institute Hudson River Valley.