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About the Library
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The Sojourner Truth Library is a learning library: a gateway to knowledge and global resources; an inviting place where students and faculty can learn, conduct research, and engage in joint inquiries, with an array of innovative, outstanding information services, and the expertise to prepare students for lifelong learning.

The Library is committed to providing a learning environment for students, faculty, and staff that is conducive to study, research, and scholarship. We achieve this mission by:

  • Selecting, acquiring, organizing, and maintaining an excellent core collection in multiple formats while increasing access to networked information and digital resources, all of which support the curriculum and research needs of students and faculty.

  • Developing new and innovative means to deliver effective, timely, and high quality information and services to the New Paltz community, whether onsite or at remote locations.

  • Teaching students information seeking and evaluation skills to empower lifelong learning.

  • Providing a safe, comfortable, and well-designed environment suited to intellectual discourse and discovery for individuals and groups.

  • Recruiting and developing a library staff who can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing information environment.

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Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library
Founded in 1995, the Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library is an association of faculty, students, parents, alumni, and community and business members dedicated to promoting and enhancing the library as a shared resource.