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FAQ: Seminars

Most Honors courses fulfill GE requirements. Students starting the program late are not required to take The Individual and Society and may be allowed to skip one or more courses at the discretion of the Director. The Honors Program requirement that Honors students take four honors seminars may be modified in individual cases by a waiver of a maximum of two seminars. The waiver is designed to accommodate students who transfer in as second semester sophomores or juniors, those who are in accelerated programs, and those who have majors with unusually heavy course requirements. Three seminars are sufficient for students entering the Honors Program as second semester sophomores (have completed 45 credits), two for those who enter as juniors (have completed 60 credits).

The seminars are all cross-disciplinary, and on a variety of topics. In the past, we have offered the following seminars:

  • Cigarettes and Nylons - Postwar Realities in Occupied Germany after World War II
  • Debates in U.S. History
  • Deep History
  • Digital Diasporas
  • Doing Race and Gender
  • Education Across Borders
  • Education and Poverty
  • Evolution and Humanity
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing
  • Metropolis to Megalopolis: New York City Culture, 1865-1929
  • Myth Meets Philosophy
  • News Media in America
  • Place Matters
  • Poetry and Performance
  • Racism and the Social Sciences
  • Television and Social Issues
  • The Individual and Society
  • The Materials of History, Thought and Art
  • The Shaping of American Culture
  • U.S. Drug Education and Policy
  • West African History and Perspectives
  • What Causes Cancer?
  • What is Mental Illness?
  • Work

Honors students also have the option to take Honors-designated courses in the major.