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New Paltz is Green!

New Paltz Solar Car

The State University of New York at New Paltz has had a Solar Car Racing Team (SCRT) for a few years now. The team has been a meeting place for intellectual students minds from not only New Paltz, but also the surrounding colleges and BOCES.

The SCRT is tasked with designing a car that runs completely, and efficiently, on only solar electricity. To do so, a light, but sturdy, vehicle has to be created and tested on the open road.

By working closely with the Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC), the students and Faculty advisors of the SCRT have been able to create a $250,000 dollar vehicle that placed 6th in a national race.

The car was also featured in a recent write up by Forbes magazine.

The Solar Car Racing Team quickly reassembled the “SUNyHAWK” for Forbes writer Hannah Elliot and watched carefully as she drove the vehicle around campus on Saint Patrick’s Day.

“I loved the car so much I’m thinking of buying one for myself–just as soon as I can find a place to park it,” Said Elliot.

Elliot is working on an online blog discussion about petroleum-alternative cars that are currently, and soon to be, available on the market.

You can read the blog, co-written Matthew de Paula, here.

What’s other significance does this vehicle hold? Well, you are currently reading this on a Green website, and being Green is all about energy conservation, recycling and making the Earth and all around better place. Solar Energy is clean, efficient, and a continually renewable resource that, when harnessed successfully, can be used to power almost anything.

SUNY New Paltz SCRT has been fortunate enough to receive continuous funding from Congressmen Maurice Hinchey who sees solar energy as the power-source of the future. TSEC was started years ago by Vincent Cozzolino, an advisor for SCRT, and Hinchey, and is one of the benefactors for the SCRT.

You can find out more information regarding the SUNY New Paltz SCRT at their website.

The Solar Car team prepares
The Solar Car team prepares