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New Paltz is Green!

Green Seal of Approval

In 2005, Governor George Pitaki wrote an Executive Order (# 134) that requires state purchasing agents to give preference to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Green SealPrior to Executive Order 134, New Paltz custodial was already committed to the use of Green Seal cleaning products and had integrated earth-friendly products into their cache of cleaning supplies for residence halls.

Today, New Paltz custodial uses Green Seal and biodegradable cleaning products in all buildings. This includes disinfectants; tub and tile cleaners; all purpose cleaners; glass cleaner; floor stripper and finish; carpet cleaner; and custodial substitute vinegar for bleach whenever possible with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of bleach altogether.

All paper products, including toilet paper and paper towels are made of recycled materials and custodial is currently researching the integration of biodegradable plastic trash bags for the near future.

In addition, all vacuums used are Green Seal certified with the required HEPA filters.

The custodial department also reuses containers whenever possible. For instance, 5 gallon supply pails are employed as cleaning buckets once empty.

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