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The Graduate School

Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree Students

The non-matriculated graduate student status includes students who have already been awarded a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and wish to enroll in additional coursework without matriculating into a program. Upon request, the Registrar will provide an official transcript of all credit bearing course work and grades earned. Non-degree students are ineligible for financial aid.


  • Students fulfilling pre-requisites for admission to a graduate program
    These students have already received their Bachelor’s degree and are taking additional course work in preparation for applying to a graduate program. Students in this category should register for classes under advisement.
  • Students fulfilling teaching certification requirements
    These students are taking additional undergraduate coursework to fulfill NYS teaching certification requirements.

  • Students who do not intend to enroll in a graduate program
    These students wish to remain non-degree seeking students enrolling in course work for personal fulfillment.


Non-matriculated graduate students are restricted to enrolling in (6 to 9) credits without applying to a degree program. To register as a non-degree student, please complete, sign and submit this Non-matriculated Student Application Form to Alana Matuszewski at The Graduate School, by email: matuszea@newpaltz.edu or by fax 845-257-3284.  Credit card payment must be mailed or faxed to 845-257-3284.

Due to the non-matriculated status, students may need to obtain permission before enrolling in certain courses. To check a course’s prerequisites on the schedule of classes, click on the CRN or course title to view detailed course information including its description, prerequisites, restrictions, and length of course.  

Once you have obtained permission to register for classes, send us the completed application form and payment for processing.  A non-degree record will be created and your registration will be sent to Records and Registration.  Thereafter, you will receive an email when registration is complete.  


There is a $25 application processing fee. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card. Please complete this form and fax or mail it to The Graduate School (845)257-3284

Health Forms

All students must provide proof of immunization for mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR) and submit the meningitis information response form. For more information regarding our immunization requirements, the meningitis law, and to download the appropriate forms, please visit the Student Health Center’s website.

Transfer Credit

All course work completed while in a non-matriculated status is considered transfer credit. As such, should the student apply and be accepted for matriculation to a graduate program, only 6-9 graduate credits may be transferred upon approval of the advisor and Graduate Dean.


All students planning to use the parking facilities must obtain a parking hang-tag from the Parking Office in Haggerty Administration Building, Room 35. Parking permit applications may be downloaded from their website.