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Graduate & Extended Learning

Master of Science

The following degree programs will lead to a Master of Science.

Electrical Engineering
Computer Science
Communication Disorders

  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Speech & Language Disabilities

Communication Disorders
The Master of Science in Communication Disorders offers two concentrations: Speech-Language Pathology and Speech and Language Disabilities.  The Speech-Language Pathology concentration leads to New York State licensure and ASHA certification in speech-language pathology.  The Speech and Language Disabilities concentration leads to New York State teacher certification as a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities.

For more information:
phone (845) 257-3620
fax (845) 257-3605
Web site www.newpaltz.edu/commdis

Computer Science
The computer science program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation for advanced professional work or doctoral study in the computer field. Courses are offered in computer software, hardware, theory, and mathematics. This graduate-level program requires 30 credit hours selected from three course categories, allowing for both breadth and depth of study. To accommodate part-time students, most graduate courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening and meet once a week. Teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis. The program does not require a baccalaureate degree in computer science.

For more information:
phone (845) 257-3990
fax (845) 257-3996
Web site www.newpaltz.edu/compsci


The Electrical Engineering program offers courses in electromagnetic fields and waves, telecommunications, electronics, and control systems. The program has two options: thesis and non-thesis. The thesis option emphasizes research and requires submission of a thesis in addition to taking advanced core and elective courses in electrical engineering. This option requires the completion of 30 credits, 24 course credits and 6 thesis credits. The non-thesis option requires completion of 30 course credits and successful passing of a comprehensive examination. The program, which can be pursued either full- or part-time, is designed to serve recent graduates and practicing engineers who need in-depth knowledge in the rapidly changing and expanding areas of electrical engineering beyond what can be included in the traditional bachelor's program.

For more information:
phone (845) 257-3720
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Web site www.engr.newpaltz.edu

Music Therapy
The Master of Science degree in Music Therapy comprises 48-credits.  It provides students with a comprehensive education in Music Therapy at the advanced level.  The program meets the guidelines for the approval of academic programs in music therapy as set forth by the National Association of Schools of Music, the American Music Therapy Association, and the Commissioner's Regulations--Sec. 52.34 Creative Arts Therapy.

For more information:
phone (845) 257-2700
fax (845) 257-3121
Web site: www.newpaltz.edu/music

The Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling comprises 60-credits.  It offers students the opportunity to pursue a specialized course of study.  It serves both students seeking licensure as mental health counselors and those who intend to pursue doctoral studies.  Degree requirements cover a core curriculum and specialized courses.  Three required fieldwork courses provide unique, varied, and intense hands-on mental health counseling training experiences under supervision of licensed professionals.

The Master of Science degree in School Counseling comprises 60-credits and leads to certification as a school counselor.  The curriculum covers school counseling practice and research, in addition to necessary coursework in human growth and development, appraisal, research and program development, and professional orientation.  Practicum and internship experiences provide unique, varied, and intense hands-on school counseling training experiences that meet state certification requirements.  The degree can be completed full-time in two years, including summer classes.

For more information:
phone (845) 257-3467
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Web site: www.newpaltz.edu/psychology