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The Graduate School

Graduate Council Members

Dean of the Graduate School:
Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Dean of the Graduate School and Interim Dean of Extended Learning
Associate Professor of Special Education, Educational Studies Department

Presiding Officer of the Graduate Faculty:
Ro Millham (Secondary Ed) -- term expires May 2019

Melanie Hill (Psychology) -- term expires May 2018
Caroline Hopenwasser (Elementary Education ) -- term expires May 2017
Aaron Isabelle (Elementary Education) -- term expires May 2018
Vacant (Liberal Arts & Sciences) -- term expires May 2019
Jae-Joon Lee (Business) -- term expires May 2019
John Mahoney (Music) -- term expires May 2017
Cyrus Mulready (English) -- term expires May 2019
Lawrence Fialkow (Computer Science) -- term expires May 2017
Jane Sileo (Special Ed) -- term expires May 2017
Beth Thomas (Art Department) -- term expires May 2019 

Appointed Members:
Gweneth Lloyd (Counseling Center) 
Laura Schultz (Records and Registration) 
Vika F. Shock (The Graduate School)
Vacant (Extended Learning)