Dean of the Graduate School:
Laurel M. Garrick Duhaney, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, and Dean of the Graduate School
Associate Professor of Special Education, Educational Studies Department

Presiding Officer of the Graduate Faculty:
Ro Millham (Secondary Ed) -- term expires May 2019

Melanie Hill (Psychology) -- term expires May 2018
Caroline Hopenwasser (Elementary Education ) -- term expires May 2017
Aaron Isabelle (Elementary Education) -- term expires May 2018
Isidoro Janeiro (Languages, Literatures & Cultures) -- term expires May 2019
Jae-Joon Lee (Business) -- term expires May 2019
John Mahoney (Music) -- term expires May 2017
Cyrus Mulready (English) -- term expires May 2019
Vacant (Computer & Electrical Engineering) -- term expires May 2017
Jane Sileo (Special Ed) -- term expires May 2017
Beth Thomas (Art Department) -- term expires May 2019 

Appointed Members:
Gweneth Lloyd (Counseling Center) 
Laura Schultz (Records and Registration) 
Vika F. Shock (The Graduate School)
Helise Winters (Extended Learning)