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The Graduate School


Directions for Online Application Submission:

1. Select an application type for your online admission process:

Graduate Studies: this application type is for US citizens

International Graduate Studies: this application types if for non-US citizens and applications wishing to apply for a visa through SUNY New Paltz 

2. Login to http://applicants.newpaltz.edu/grad and click "First time user account creation" to create your own Login ID and PIN.

3. Submit your chosen Login ID and PIN and click the Login button. Your Login ID can be up to nine alphanumeric characters and your PIN must be six numbers.

4. Using the information from step one, choose the appropriate application type: Graduate Studies or International Graduate Studies.

5. Select the term that you would like to be considered for admission and insert your name.

6. Click the "Fill Out Application" button to begin entering your application information.

7. In order to complete your application:

You must click the "Application is Complete" button and submit your application fee payment information. Online application fees must be paid at the time of application with a VISA or MasterCard. Please note that the $50 application fee is non-refundable. It may take a moment to process, so please do not press the back button. This may result in duplicate charges.

NOTE: you will lose all of the information that you entered online if you do not submit payment before the conclusion of the online admission cycle. Online applications are accepted between January 1-May 15 for Fall/Summer admission and August 1-November 15 for Spring admission. 

8. Once you have submitted your application fee payment information, print the signature page that automatically displays. The signature page will be required to complete your admissions process. NOTE: the signature page will only display once.

9. Download the required forms to complete your online application process:

  • Graduate Studies Packet
  • International Graduate Studies Packet

10. Request TWO official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions including all transfer schools. If you are New Paltz student, you only need to submit one official transcript. When requesting official transcripts, have them sent to your own address. If the college or university's policy does not permit official transcripts being sent to a student address, then use the Graduate School's mailing address. However, clearly note in your application packet which transcript is being sent directly to the Graduate School. Otherwise your application will be coded as incomplete. If you are a graduating senior, you may be required to submit a final transcript indicating when your degree is awarded.

11. Collect THREE letters of recommendation from former professors, employers and/or colleagues who are in a position to comment on your potential for graduate study in your chosen area. A letter from a former professor who taught you in an advanced course would be ideal. Using the letter of recommendation form provided in the paper application or online supplemental item packet, fill out the top portion and submit the form to your recommender. Ask each recommender to seal his/her letter in a self-addressed envelope that you provide, to sign it across the seal and to return it directly to you.

12. Compose an admissions essay which explicates your interest in a graduate program at SUNY New Paltz. Your Statement of Objectives for graduate study is intended to provide us with information about your educational and professional goals. In addition, since it provides us with a sample of your writing, your statement should reflect exemplary organization, writing style and mechanics.

Write a 300-400 word, typed, double-spaced essay that clearly addresses the following:

• What are your professional goals?

• How have your previous experiences contributed to your decision to enter the program?

• How will graduate study assist you in achieving your future career and educational aspirations?

Certain programs have specific guidelines for the admission essay; therefore, refer to your intended program of study's description in the graduate catalog or the departmental website.

13. Assemble and Submit to the Graduate School ONE complete packet of supplemental items which include, but are not limited to: 

• Signature page and copy of your application summary

• Letters of recommendation (3 in sealed envelopes)

• Official college transcripts (2 from each school in sealed envelopes)

• Graduate Admissions Essay

• Additional items such as test scores, teaching certificate or art portfolio may be required depending upon your intended program of study. Read the "Directions for Submitting Your Supplemental Items" form which can be found within all of the packets from step 8. 

14. Once the Graduate School receives your packet of supplemental items, you will be notified of your student ID and PIN. To check the status of your application, select "Processed Applications" from the Application Menu and click on the link for the term that you applied for admission (e.g., Fall 2007).

15. This action will open an "Application Summary" screen which will give you details regarding the application that you have submitted including a list of items that are required for your specific program of study. Once The Graduate School receives your packet of supplemental items, this checklist will be updated. Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed.