Honorary and Memorial Gifts

We all have special people and events in our lives. Gifts in honor and memory of those most important to us pay tribute to these individuals and benefit the College far into the future.  Your tribute gift to the SUNY New Paltz Foundation will be acknowledged with a card letting the recipient or their family member know a gift was received. The amount of your gift will always be kept confidential. 


Honorarium Gifts

The SUNY New Paltz Foundation is appreciative of the generosity and thoughtfulness of donors to the College. This section highlights those who have made an honorarium gift to commemorate a meaningful person or experience, beginning July 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. 

To make a honorarium gift, please visit Make a Gift

Mr. Michael '00 and Mrs. Geraldine '01 Baldwin
Ms. Margaret Baldwin
Ms. Theresa R. Bauer
Ms. Lyn Bauer '89
Mr. Daniel Belasco and Ms. Risa Kaufman
Mr. Manny Silverman
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Claudie Benjamin
Mr. Dan D. Kohane '75
Mr. Howard I. Goldblatt '73
Dr. Patricia A. Sullivan
Mr. Peter G. Malloy '86
Ms. Alison H. Bernhard '10
Mr. Steven Bernhard
Mrs. Karen '71 '80g and Dr. Steven '73 Brody
Mrs. Pamela and Mr. Kevin Krause
Ms. Sarah Broughton '16
Mr. Lloyd Lampell
Dr. Lewis and Mrs. Jacqueline '95 Brownstein
Ms. Regina M. Calcaterra Esq. '88
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley Cahn
Ms. Rachel L. Reuben '98 '09g
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Roselle Chartock
Mrs. Stephanie Graff Newman '75 and Mr. Jay M. Newman
Mr. Dan D. Kohane '75
Ms. Jessica Choi '14
Mr. David Choi
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Sandra Christian
Ms. Erica Marks and Mr. Dan George
Mrs. Tiya Cotter
Ms. Linda Cotter-Forbes
Ms. Leah H. Dacher
Ms. Brynn Dacher
Ms. Josephine M. Dayger '64 '73g
Ms. Audrey Martens
Ms. Sara N. Defoe '08
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Donna Defoe
Mr. Michael P. Eberman
Ms. Miriam Eberman

Ms. Hana R. Goldstein
Ms. Anitra Schirmer-Goldstein
Ms. Stephanie Grann '10
Mrs. Randi and Mr. Jeff Grann
Mr. Andrew D. Grann
Mrs. Randi and Mr. Jeff Grann
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Ellen Greenberg
Ms. Katharine McKenna and Mr. Mark Braunstein
Roman Vishniac Foundation
Ms. Samantha Kelly Grober
Ms. Brenda S. Grober
Ms. Alexandra C. Gusmano
Mrs. Susan Blodgett '72
Dr. Laurence and Ms. Ruth Hauptman
Mr. Kenneth Masten '77 '83g
Ms. Lauren Hazelton
Ms. Beth Hazelton
Mrs. Constance Hornbeck '51
Mrs. Joan Hanley Kallman '51
Mr. Ray Jefferies
Ms. Mary E. Hovanyecz '67
Ms. Anne A. Joanez '89
Dr. Theodor I. Kaufman, M.D. '88
Mr. Rief and Mrs. Nancy Kanan
Ms. Kristin M. Cash-Holland '05
Dr. John and Mrs. Leena Karkala
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. May Knapp
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. May Knapp
Dr. Denis Simon '74
Ms. Kelley Kraemer
Ms. Ruby T. Duell '11
Ms. Audrey Lavilette
Mrs. Rachel E. '93g and Mr. Joseph M. Rigolino
Mr. Wayne Lempka
Mr. Manny Silverman
Ms. Amy Mackin
Mrs. Barbara Stenderhoff Mackin
Mrs. Rosemarie A. McBride '60 '68g
Mr. Edward W. McCann '86
Kollath-McCann Creative Services, Inc.
Mr. Benjamin J. Miller '97
Mrs. Honora Miller
Ms. Kathryn M. O'Brien '02

Mr. Noah Morgan
Ms. Elizabeth J. Worth '92
Professor Joseph and Mrs. Geri Owens
Mr. Dennis George '71
Mr. Joseph Passariello
Ms. Concetta M. Passariello '08
Ms. Sara Pasti
Ms. Vivien Collens
Mr. Brian R. Petersen '00
Mrs. Beverly Petersen
Mr. Steven Posada '12
Mr. Brian E. Logan, Esq. '86
Ms. Mary E. Reid '74
Mrs. Pauline '72 and Mr. Wayne Herr
Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Judi '69 Rosenzweig
Mrs. Judi Rosenzweig '69
Dr. Martin S. Rutstein
Mr. Vincent J. Cracco '76
Gerstein Fisher & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Marc E. Rutstein
Mr. Robert '99 and Mrs. Tracey Bosaz
Mr. Daniel J. Smith '05
Mr. James and Mrs. Linda Smith
Dr. James Smith
Ms. Rachel L. Reuben '98 '09g
Dr. David and Mrs. Harriett Straus
Mrs. Harriett Straus
Dr. Patricia A. Sullivan
Ms. Carole Levin
Ms. Doris Tangel
Mr. Michael P. Tangel '70
Ms. Nicole L. Valot
Ms. Linda Valot
Mr. Colin X. Wakeford
Ms. Anne Wakeford
Mr. Thomas C. Whalen '06
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Stephanie Whalen