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Hudson Valley Future Summit

Moving Forward Together

A brief discussion of what the future looks like for the Hudson Valley.


Donald P. Christian State University of New York at New Paltz - President

As President, Christian is responsible for all aspects of campus academic and administrative operations, including education, research, faculty recruitment and development. Working in collaboration with internal and external constituencies, the president provides overall leadership and guidance for the College. The president represents the campus’ interests within the SUNY System, with local, state, and federal-elected officials and surrounding communities, and leads or supports many aspects of the College’s role in SUNY and New York State economic development initiatives. In 2013-14, the College began implementing a strategic plan developed under the president’s leadership; primary goals of the plan are to take specific actions that improve the quality of the student experience and the College’s educational contributions, strengthen the College’s role and visibility in the region, enhance alumni relations, improve philanthropic success, and enhance institutional effectiveness.


Geraldine Hughes, Irish film, Television and Stage, Actress

What made you decide to work and/or live in the Hudson Valley?

I was attracted to the idea that I could access locally sourced food, and there was a vibrant artistic community up here. Mostly, however, it was an experiment. I left the Manhattan concrete jungle for a more peaceful and healthy day-to-day life. One year in, it has been one of the most successful experiments of my life. The people, the food, the University, the welcome overall has been beautiful.

What would you like the audience and your fellow attendees to know about you?

I am an Irish born American citizen. I have been here for 27 years and work as an actor mostly, dabbling in writing and producing and soon to be directing a play in New York City. Born into war torn Northern Ireland, I am always grateful that I got to have an opportunity to live out my dream of being in theatre, film and TV and now I get to live in a peaceful and stunning environment. I am a patron of Integrated Education in Northern Ireland. I believe children are often overlooked in discussions and decisions and if we get them together when they are young, and educate them together and involve them, then the world will be a better place.


Matt Stinchcomb, Executive Director, Good Work Institute (formerly etsy.org)

What made you decide to work and/or live in the Hudson Valley?

The potential for the region to revitalize in a way that is inclusive and durable is great. I am hoping that our work can be additive to the great work that is already underway there.

What would you like the audience and your fellow attendees to know about you?

I believe that the Hudson Valley and the Catskills are well positioned to develop a number of connected, community-based economies that know and honor all the people and the places of the region.