Before you report a problem, please consult the following checklist:

  • Reboot your computer. This action resolves 90% of computer issues.
  • Can't reboot? Hold the power button in for a few seconds until it does a complete shutdown
  • Check that all the cables are secure and tightly connected
  • Make sure you have typed your name and password correctly (for login issues)
  • Ask others around you if they are facing the same problem, or are aware of any problems with the network
  • Search the Knowledgebase for solutions to common issues.

If after performing all of the above actions, you still need to report a problem please send us an e-mail with complete details. The problem will be directed to the Help Desk staff and someone will get back to you.

Classroom Issues

  • If a technical difficulty arises in a classroom, please contact the Academic Help Desk at

Classroom / Computer Lab Scheduling

  • Please contact the Registrar's office at x3100.