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I have a new computer, how do I get the Help Desk to help me configure it?



1. All new equipment including all hardware, software, peripherals, and accessories need to approved by the Help Desk before it is ordered. This allows us to determine whether it will be able to function properly with your current configuration and if we will be able to provide technical support for it should something go wrong.


2. As a new pc is purchased by your department, there is a procedure that the Help Desk would like you to follow to help make the setup process as simple and as efficient as possible.


3. As the new pc is dropped off to your office, please leave the boxes unopened and wait for the Help Desk technician to come to set it all up. This allows us to verify that all components are there upon opening them.


4. Please download and complete our pc setup form which we have just started to use before calling to schedule your setup with the Help Desk. This provides us with all the information that we will need in case you are not present for the setup. This form is required by the Help Desk in order to have your pc set up so please read and complete it carefully.


5. In the past we have had users attempt to set up their own computers. What some do not realize is that the setup process is more than just taking the items out of the boxes and plugging them in. The computers shipped from Dell come bare-bone, without any of the applications or software that we use here on our network. This process could take anywhere up to 3 hours depending on the specific setup type and how much data is on the pc that is being replaced.


Please have patience with us as we are trying our best to have you up and running as fast as possible.