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What is the difference between my Windows and NPCUID password?

Computer Services provides and maintains authentication to the servers available on the Admin LAN network. Each user gains access these servers via Windows. Once logged on with your Windows password, you gain access to network drives on the server such as:

  • F:\ Used to store files for personal use and can only be seen by the user logged in (you)
  • G:\ Used to store files shared by a department and can be seen by your entire department
  • H:\ The campus drive is available to everyone
  • Other system folders for use by Computer Services


New Paltz Computer UserID (NPCUID)

Academic Computing, part of Computer Services, provides and maintains the authentication servers for most other campus computing resources (NPCUID).

Faculty and Staff are given NPCUID and adminlan accounts upon completion of the domainaccountrequest form. Although they are completely separate accounts your assigned user id is the same for both; the first seven characters of your last name plus the first letter of your first name.

Your default password for your NPCUID is the lower case character s followed by the last six digits of your social security number. This password does not expire but you can change it at any time by logging into and clicking "Change Password," right under your name on the upper-left hand portion of the screen. Your NPCUID is required in order to use the following SUNY New Paltz computer resources:


Blackboard is the course management system used at SUNY New Paltz. Secure, password protected servers are dedicated to faculty who wish to put their course material online for students to access via the Internet. Not all faculty use Blackboard therefore the students will see some courses in which they are enrolled but will not contain material.

Blackboard provides online bulletin boards to post announcements about your organization's events, help want ads, etc. Blackboard is customizable by the individual user. You pick some of your starting page content. Your NPCUID and password are used to authenticate you to Blackboard. If you do not know your password, please contact or any staff member in the Academic Computing office.

Blackboard requires the use of a java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer 10.0 or newer or Mozilla FireFox. Other java-enabled browsers may work, but are not Blackboard tested for reliability. The Blackboard site contains campus wide announcements and calendar events. To access your course material or organization page, enter your NPCUID and password. Click Login.