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What to Support

Gifts of private support to the College can help in many ways. Gifts can be restricted to specific programs or can be unrestricted, giving the College discretion on how to use the gift.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs span the University's six Colleges, encouraging and delivering excellence in teaching, research, and innovation.

Arts, Culture, and Music Programs

Arts, Culture and Music Programs enrich the lives of those on our campus and in our community, and often feature our very talented student performers and artists. Examples include the Dorsky Museum and Piano Summer. 

Athletic Programs

Athletic Programs attract and retain highly qualified coaches and allow our students to compete at the highest level possible.

Campus Development

Campus Development allows the University to maintain and build modern learning environments, classrooms, laboratories, performance venues, athletic facilities, and more.

Faculty Development

Faculty Development rewards distinguished faculty members for their work in the classroom and their important research and contributions to their field. SUNY New Paltz's rich tradition in science, education, business, the arts, and more has long been nurtured by a commitment to top-notch researchers and instructors. Your continued support helps the College attract and retain world-renowned faculty and ensure that the value of a SUNY New Paltz degree is forever on the rise.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships allow students to perform research or develop their teaching skills under the direction of faculty mentors and coaches.


Scholarships make a SUNY New Paltz education affordable and accessible to students who might not otherwise be able to attend a private university. Roughly 80 percent of our in-state undergraduates and more than 50 percent of our out-of-state undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance, including grants, loans, work study, and scholarships. Your support for need-based and merit-based scholarships helps keep a SUNY New Paltz education accessible for talented, deserving students.

Student Programs

Student programs provide extra curricular and service opportunities, allowing students to develop important leadership and social skills.

Travel Abroad

Travel and study abroad programs give students the opportunities to experience other cultures and other ways of thinking – experiences that prepare them for success in a global economy.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research allows our students to distinguish themselves in their fields of study and/or prepare them for graduate school.