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Annual Reports

Gifts Received in Memory of:

Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr. '66
Mary L. Boylan '66

Rubin Benjamin
Gerald and Claudie Benjamin
Richard and Donna Croce
Calvin and Marion Cunningham
Herbert and Laura Fliegner
Louis and Lillian Detkin Foundation
Marlene S. Zamari PhD

John G. Burdick
Franklin and Mary Lou Brooks
Amy S. Burdick
George and Camille Fischer
Douglas and Audrey Sheppard
Peter N. Vukasin and Eileen Farley

Cary Coffing
Kristine '68 and Joseph Dockery
Jeffrey L. Fields '68

Duane Davis
Ron Horowitz

Leon P. Heffron
Carol L. Heffron '70

Curt Huddleston ‘01
Barry M. Adler DVM
Harriet E. Brisson
Suzanne and Christopher Nauman

Josephine G. Nealon ‘38
Angela M. Goffredi

William S. Ossola ‘67
Jay Mines ‘67

Joan Palladino ‘62
Marie and John Barotti
Reta Behnke
Richard and Theresa Berry
Douglas and Hope Brown
Joan K. Byer
Nick and Ann Cappiello
Robert and Laurie Charest
Marie Errico
Betty M. Evans
A. Robert and Frances Gelb
Jerald and Barbara Jones
Michael and Suzanne Kaplan
C. V. and Carolyn Lambert
Paul and Linda Mann
John and Linda Moore
Mark and Denise Myers
Craig and Katherine Palladino
Dominick and Peggy Palladino
Michael W. Palladino
William Palladino
Marie and Albert Puttlitz
Nicole M. Puttlitz
Michael and Josephine Rhodes
Sandcastle Partnership
Ronald Savino
Edward K. Shahbazian
Russell and Judith Smith
Eleanor Spagnola
Martha L. Strauss
Sidney and Rachel Strauss
Daniel '66 and Elizabeth Takacs
Suzanne Taylor '63
Judy G. Teander
Arthur S. Warner
William H. Hall High School Cheer Fund

Patricia Pine
George and Camille Fischer

Frank C. Poli '54
Philomena C. Poli '54

Betty Norcross Sheldon ‘37
W. R. Sheldon

Max Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Friedman

Matthew Tyburczy
Jay Mines '67

Dominick L. Vernola
Jay Mines '67

Ronald E. Woodburn ‘69
Jay Mines '67

Erin Wright
John and Patricia Finan
Sid and Karen Lambert
Paul LaRocca
Thomas and Jean Nagle
Catherine Palmeri '62

Michael C. Young
Catherine E. T. Bonnicklewis
Sandra and Vincent Di Blasio
Barbara Dillard
John and Jo Ann Doherty
Oliver Goldsmith
Yeisha R. Hinds
Thelma E. Honeghan
Simone A. Kerr '99
Tricia N. Mayers '98
Margaret and Ronald Noren
Kenneth and Millicent Vassell

We are grateful to the thousands of SUNY New Paltz Foundation donors listed here, whose gifts we received between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005. We have made every effort to ensure that our list is acurate. If we inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, we sincerely apologize and ask that you please contact our office at 845-257-3240 or e-mail so that we may correct our error and properly acknowledge your generosity.