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First-Year Programs

The Honors Program


The Honors Program exists to challenge New Paltz Students beyond what is normally expected of them. It was designed around the philosophy that intense and rigorous courses taught by outstanding instructors (who offer much encouragement) and filled with motivated, focused students would create the optimal learning environment. The Honors Program is small (around 150 students) so selectivity in acceptance is required. First-year students may apply for the Honors Program before orientation or during their initial semesters at SUNY New Paltz. Once students are admitted into the Program they take special Honors seminars that are cross-disciplinary and in-depth in scope, beginning with an introductory 3-credit seminar in their first semester on campus. The Honors seminars emphasize discussion and non-lecture based learning; students are expected to come to class with something to say and to actively participate in debate and discussion. The Honors Center, located in College Hall, is available 24 hours a day to Honors Students. It includes a computer center, kitchen, study space, photocopiers and a small reference library. For more information about the Honors Program, contact the interim director, Patricia Sullivan at 845- 257-3456, or e-mail her at sullivap@newpaltz.edu. Further information and applications are also available online at www.newpaltz.edu/honors.