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photo of staff members Betsy Lapolla (left), Emily Trapp (right), and faculty member Frank Trezza (center)

1240 Workplace Smoking Policy

In compliance with Article 13-E, S1399N et seq., of the Public Health Law of New York, SUNY New Paltz has adopted the following policy on the smoking of tobacco products in this workplace.

Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings.
Smoking is prohibited in SUNY motor vehicles.
Smoking is prohibited out of doors in the following areas:
     a. within 50 feet of building entrances and open windows
     b. in all exterior stairwells
     c. any building roofs

We are relying on Campus Community-based enforcement for this policy.  Please remind staff and students of this policy when necessary.

We anticipate that most instances of violations of this policy can be remedied through education and/or informal reminders. Where necessary, complaints against an employee may be filed with the Office of Human Resources. All complaints must be in writing and must be signed. Confidentiality will be preserved. As smoking violations are campus policy, serious or repeat violations may subject employees to disciplinary action as provided in the various negotiated union contracts.
Complaints regarding smoking by students in a given area should be referred to the Office of Student Affairs and will be handled through the Student Judicial process.

For help in quitting including education, free nicotine patches and gums, please visit

Issue date : 03-90
Reissue: 10-11