Facilities Operations & Maintenance

Facilities Operations and Maintenance general number (845)257-3300

8:00AM - 4:00PM (Monday - Friday)
Contact Facilities Operations & Maintenance Customer Service Center
From on campus x3301
From off campus - (845)257-3301
Identify yourself, the nature of the emergency, building and room

Before 8:00am, After 4:00pm, on Weekends and Holidays
Contact the Heating Plant
From on campus x3327
From off campus - (845)257-3327
(If you dial x3301, the phone will roll over to the heating plant)
Identify yourself, the nature of the emergency, building and room


Gary Buckman
Facilities Operations and Maintenance
Phone (845)257-3306

Gerald Beattie
Assistant Director
Facilities Operations and Maintenance
Phone (845)257-3945

Kim Nelson
Assistant Director
Facilities Operations and Maintenance
Phone (845)257-3380

Susan Boyer
Secretary 1

Marybeth Stewart
Office Assistant 1 (customer service and work orders)
SB 11

Nancy Higgins
Office Assistant 2 (keys and payroll)
SB 11

Donna Prestia
Office Assistant 2 (purchasing)
SB 11

Brenda Rosenkranse
Office Assistant 1 (warehouse and work orders)
SB 11


The primary function of Facilities Operations and Maintenance is to provide the day-to-day functioning and routine maintenance of the buildings. The facility maintains, repairs, provides emergency service, and minor renovations of the plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural systems associated with all campus facilities, grounds keeping and recycling services. Facilities Operations works in partnership with many other departments to support and provide services for campus events and activities such as Accepted Student Open House, Orientation and Commencement.

Facilities Operations is a diverse group comprised of custodians, trades persons, grounds workers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) crews, heating plant operators, movers, mechanics and customer service center.

Click on a box below to find more information about each trade and to see examples of some of the services provided.


James Miller
Maintenance Supervisor 1
Phone: (845)257-3324

The function of the Automotive Shop is to provide service and repair to cars, trucks, grounds equipment and other utility vehicles owned and used by various departments on campus. The shop is equipped to handle most engine electronic diagnostic, drive ability and fuel system maintenance and repairs.

Building Structures

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George Borello
Maintenance Supervisor 2

Maintenance Supervisor 1

Scott Lawton
Maintenance Supervisor 1
Phone: (845)257-3318

The building structural trades unit consists of six shops.These shops are carpentry, glass, locks, masonry, painting and roofing. The division employs skilled and semi-skilled tradesmen. Their combined talents allow the structural trades group to provide repairs in all areas of the campus including the residence halls, academic buildings and several other campus buildings. In addition to performing many repairs throughout the campus, the staff performs many in-house projects and renovations each year. 


The carpenter shop is responsible for an array of tasks. They can repair broken chair and table legs, build shelves, repair wooden stair railings and foot bridges, install carpet and ceiling tiles, etc. Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Floor/ceiling tile replacement
  • Furniture repair/assembly
  • Mounting of shelves, blackboards and bulletin boards
  • Installation of metal stud and drywall partitions
  • Exterior and interior door maintenance/repair
  • Weather stripping installation
  • Carpet installation
  • Repair broken and damaged windows
  • Repair wall damage


The glass shop repairs and replaces glass and plexiglass as needed in all campus buildings. Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Glass replacement
  • Repair and maintain windows, sashes, latches
  • Install drapes and venetian blinds
  • Repair and maintain drapery rods, cords, blind mechanisms


The lock shop services campus doors and locks. This includes hardware, locking mechanisms, door closers and associated parts. Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Repair/maintain existing locksets
  • Replace cores
  • Install new locksets
  • Re-pin locksets
  • Cut keys for faculty and staff
  • Perform preventive maintenance on locks and doors


The masonry shop is responsible for numerous concrete projects and repairs in all areas of the campus. These projects can include removal and replacement of existing sidewalks and steps, installation of new sidewalks and repairs to brick walls.Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Inspect/repair sidewalks, stairs and curbing
  • Inspect/maintain building exteriors
  • Repair masonry walls, ceilings and floors
  • Install/replace ceramic tile
  • Install cove base
  • Seal showers
  • Inspect/repair metal stair railings


The paint shop services all academic buildings and residence halls. During the summer months, students or temporary workers enable the paint shop to paint student rooms and public areas where needed in the residence halls.Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

Pest Control:

"Pest Control" is the system used to reduce or eliminate pests from the office or building environment and enhance safety of building occupants. SUNY New Paltz practices Integrated Pest Management and it is our goal to achieve long-term, environmentally sound pest suppression through the use of a wide variety of technological advances and management practices. SUNY New Paltz manages pests in order to reduce potential human health risks, reduce significant threat to public safety, reduce the loss or damage to University property, reduce the potential of pests from spreading into the community and to enhance the quality of life for the campus community.

Integrated Pest Management:

Integrated Pest Management is a method of accomplishing pest control through a planned program for long-term pest suppression with an emphasis on structural, behavioral, and physical modifications to reduce sources of food, water, and harborage for pests and a reliance on chemicals only as a last resort when other non-chemical means have not proven sufficient.


Expertise in the area of roofing enables the investigation and identification of roof leaks, with many repairs performed in-house. Annual inspections are performed on roofs throughout the campus. The existing conditions are reviewed, roof drain strainers are cleaned and leaves and debris are removed from the rooftops. Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Annual inspections of roofing, flashing and gutter systems
  • Respond to water infiltration problems
  • Repair/replace roofing systems as needed
  • Perform preventive maintenance inspections


Head Supervisor

Chris DeCosta
Supervising Janitor
Phone: (845)257-3943

David Dibella
Supervising Janitor
Phone: (845)257-3962

Paul Mushlit
Supervising Janitor
Phone: (845)257-2796

Steve Perez
Supervising Janitor
Phone: (845)257-3315

Scott Strongman
Supervising Janitor
Phone: (845) 257-3942

Most employees work Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday off, they work Saturday through Wednesday with Thursday and Friday off and they work Wednesday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off. They cover shifts from 6:30am to 10:30am, 6:30am to 3:00pm, 5:00pm to 1:00am and 3:00pm to 11:00pm.

The function of the Custodial Services Department is to support the institution in its basic mission providing quality education at an efficient cost. Custodial is responsible for the routine cleaning of all campus buildings and residence halls including public areas, lounges and lobbies. Custodial is also responsible for opening and closing most buildings on campus. Maintaining a clean facility constitutes a strong positive contribution to the educational process by preserving the equipment, extending the life of the structure and providing a healthy environment. Some examples of tasks performed by this trade are:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Waste containers and recycling containers emptied
  • Offices, classrooms, public areas and residential lounges are cleaned
  • Floors mopped, stripped and waxed or buffed
  • Carpeting shampooed
  • Carpeting in public areas, offices, resident lounges and lobbies are vacuumed
  • Toilet tissue and paper towels restocked
  • Light bulbs changed and burnt out bulbs recycled
  • Classrooms unlocked and locked
  • Graffiti removed
  • Snow removed from building entrances and from steps that are attached to the building, including handicap ramps
  • Clean students rooms that are not occupied

There are several items that custodial department does not maintain and they include:

  • Dust or clean personal items on office desks, tables and cabinets
  • Clean computers and accessories
  • Clean office equipment such as copiers and fax machines
  • Care for office plants
  • Clean phones, vending machines or ATM machines
  • Spray for insects (contact x3301 for pest control services)
  • Clean refrigerators, stoves or microwave ovens, coffee machines, coffee cups
  • Clean students rooms that are occupied

For information on the opening and closing of a specific building, contact Custodial Services at (845)257-3941 (6:30-3:00pm) or (845)257-3315 (5pm 1:00am)


Customer Service/Work Order Center

Facilities Operations and Maintenance general number (845)257-3300

8:00AM - 4:00PM (Monday - Friday)
Contact Facilities Operations & Maintenance Customer Service Center
From on campus x3301
From off campus - (845)257-3301
Identify yourself, the nature of the emergency, building and room

Before 8:00am, After 4:00pm, on Weekends and Holidays
Contact the Heating Plant
From on campus x3327
From off campus - (845)257-3327
(If you dial x3301, the phone will roll over to the heating plant)
Identify yourself, the nature of the emergency, building and room

Maria Cathcart
Keyboard Spec 2
phone (845)257-3311

Brenda Rosenkranse
phone (845)257-3313

The function of the Customer Service/Work Order Center is to provide the college campus with excellent, professional customer service and process emergency and routine maintenance work requests to keep the facility operational and safe. They are trained to take the information necessary to have someone respond as quickly as possible to your emergency request. Requests for services can be initiated by telephone or online.


Facilities Operations Center Information and Staff

Hours of Operation:
8:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday

Mailing Address:
State University of New York at New Paltz
Office of Facilities Operations and Maintenance
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561

Service Building 11

General Telephone Number:

Emergency Work Request Number:
Fax Machine Number:

The Facilities Operations Center Office consists of four administrative staff. Their responsibilities are related to preparation and processing of information in areas such as purchasing, payroll, human resources, budget and accounting and overseeing the work order system, customer service, the identity card program and key requests, in addition to routine clerical tasks such as typing, filing, answering phones, faxing, copying, and radio and verbal communications.

Office Staff

Susan Boyer
Secretary 1

Maria Cathcart
Keyboard Specialist 2 (customer service and work orders)
SB 11

Nancy Higgins
Keyboard Specialist 1 (keys and payroll)
SB 11

Donna Prestia
Calculations Clerk 2 (purchasing)
SB 11

Brenda Rosenkranse
Clerk 1 (warehouse and work orders)
SB 11


Dale Sutton
Maintenance Supervisor 1
phone (845)257-3329

The function of the Grounds Department is to provide care and maintenance of all outdoor areas on campus including lawns, athletic fields, flower beds, walkways, parking lots and roadways. The Grounds Department maintains more than 3.7 miles of roadways and intersections, 5.9 acres of service entrances, 6.62 miles of pedestrian walkways, and 22.7 acres of parking lots, with 12 grounds workers. Their support and hard work is essential in contributing to the aesthetics of the campus. Examples of some grounds department tasks are:

  • Turf and athletic fields maintenance and repair
  • Pavement/parking lot maintenance
  • Tree and shrub planting, pruning and removal
  • Exterior litter pickup
  • Trash pickup
  • Snow and ice removal on roads, walks and parking lots (snow guidelines & procedures)
  • Plant, weed and water flower beds
  • Clean roads and walkways
  • Perform minor excavation, especially during water main breaks or HTHW leaks
  • Provide support as needed for various campus events, such as Open House, Commencement, and Orientation

Heating Plant

Robert Moyer
Plant Utilities Engineer 2
Pphone (845)257-3328

Emergency and urgent work request number after hours, weekends and holidays x3327
From off campus (845)257-3327

The function of the Heating Plant is to operate and maintain the central high temp hot water system to provide heat, hot water and steam to the campus and to respond to evening and weekend service requests. The heating plant is the first contact for service calls which occur after business hours, on weekends and during holidays. These requests usually pertain to heating, cooling, power, lighting, plumbing, elevators, doors and windows. The staff will answer all service requests and, depending on the service requested, make the necessary corrections, provide a temporary correction, call in additional specialized staff members or defer the work to the next regular business day. The heating plant maintains a very small crew after hours. Requests for additional heating or cooling during after hour periods will be limited, to conserve energy, since most offices are connected to very large heating-cooling systems which may serve from 10 to 30 or more rooms. Attempts will be made to satisfy these requests in the most energy efficient manner.

Moving and Trucking

Rick Drosdowich
Pphone: (845)257-2758

The function of the Moving and Trucking Department is to provide in-house support to the campus and as needed assist vendors/contractors making large deliveries to residential halls (mattresses, dressers, etc.). Moving and Trucking schedules their work two weeks (10 business days) in advance to occur on days when they are not picking up recycling or making deliveries for the Receiving Department.

Requests for large moves and special events should be placed as far in advance as possible to accommodate your needs. We have a limited number of tables and requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis. All requests for tables, chairs, and set ups for an event MUST have a reservation number assigned to your FUSE form from the events coordinator (x3033). *

Facilities Operations does not accept any work requests to move surplus equipment. This function is handled by the property control clerk on campus. We will generate a work order for Moving and Trucking only at the request of the property control clerk once they establish the proper storage or disposal of equipment. Any information on property control procedures can be found here.

Keep in mind property control is handled by Administrative Services, not Facilities Operations and Maintenance.

Moving and Trucking maintains a schedule as follows:

Monday:Recycling picked up in all academic buildings

Tuesday:Working off of scheduled requests

Wednesday: Large or bulky materials delivered from receiving to various departments on campus
NOTE: (Your purchase order must specify where you want moving and trucking to deliver the materials. If no specific location is noted, moving and trucking will deliver to the department who placed the order.)

Thursday: Recycling picked up in all residential halls

Friday: Additional day for picking up of recycling in SUB, JFT and HAB

Moving and Trucking works Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 3:00pm and does not deliver after their normal business hours, on weekends or on holidays. If your event is over the weekend, the delivery will be made on Friday prior to 3pm and pick up will be on Monday after 6:30am. It will be the requesting departments responsibility to store or keep track of tables and chairs once their event is over and until they are picked up during the next regular business day. Your department will be charged for losses and damages.

Examples of tasks performed by Moving and Trucking are:

  • Pickup of surplus, scrap and items for transfer from campus locations
  • Moving furnishings within offices, classrooms and laboratories
  • Delivery of heavy or bulky items from receiving to campus locations
  • Delivery of tables and chairs for special events
  • Setups for special events
  • Moving services for departmental relocation
  • Pickup of recycling materials

Utility Systems

Kirk Timperio
Plant Utilities Engineer 3
phone (845)257-3321

Barry Lawless
Plant Utilities Engineer 2
phone (845)257-3320

Thomas Decker
Maintenance Supervisor 1
phone (845)257-2655

The utility systems department is comprised of heating, venting, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical personnel, and a machinist. The function of the department is to provide and maintain essential services, make repairs and minor renovations of the plumbing, electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems.