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Events > Fall 2014 Academic Calendar

» Important information regarding refund periods

» Download the academic calendar in .ics format (use in Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, on your iPhone, and more!) What is .ics format?

M August 18

Non-matriculated undergraduate, Cross-Registered, Visiting and Exchange student registration begins. (ALL NON-MATRICULATED REGISTRATIONS FOR UNDERGRADUATE COURSES)

R August 21

Freshmen Check Into Residence Halls 10am-5pm

F August 22

Freshman Convocation

S August 23

Returning Residents May Check Into Residence Halls after 10am

M August 25


  August 25 - August 31

Add/Drop First-semester freshmen and first-semester transfers do not have web access to change their schedules. They must have advisor's signature and must process add/drop during Academic Advising business hours. [1]

M September 1

Labor Day - No Classes

  September 1 - September 7

Add/Drop: Add requires electronic permission from the instructor. [1]

M September 1

Graduation Applications for December 2014 due in the Rec/Reg Office (Students participate in May 2015 ceremony). [Applications will be accepted Tuesday]

  September 8 - October 31

Course Withdrawal Period. A student may withdrawal from a course that started at the beginning of the semester. ($20 course withdrawal fee) [1]

  September 8 - September 12

Late Registration/Add: First time registration($40 late registration fee) or add a course ($20 course change fee) with electronic permission from the instructor. All course schedule changes must be done in Records and Registration (HAB 19). [2]

F September 12


  September 25 - September 26

Rosh Hashana - classes in session [3]

W October 1

Deregistration for non-payment Fall 2014

S October 4

Yom Kippur - classes in session [3]

F October 10

Last day for student to submit work due for course graded “I” (incomplete) for Spring or Summer 2014.

  October 13 - October 14


W October 15

Mid-Point of Fall 2014 semester.

F October 24

Last day for instructor to submit grade change for an "I" for Spring and Summer 2014.

F October 31

Last day for Course Withdrawal.

M November 3

Black Solidarity Day - classes in session [4]

M November 3

Registration for Winter 2015 begins

F November 7

Last day for student-elected Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option.

  November 10 - January 16

Advance Registration for Spring 2015

Nov. 10  Matriculated Graduate Student registration begins
Nov. 17 Matriculated Undergraduate Student registration begins
Nov. 24 Non-matriculated Graduate Student registration begins (REGISTRATION FOR GRADUATE COURSES ONLY)
Jan. 12 Non-matriculated, Cross-Registered, and Visiting Undergraduate registration begins

  November 26 - November 28

Thanksgiving Recess - no classes. Classes resume at 8 a.m. on Monday, December 1st.

  December 1 - December 10

SEI administration

M December 1

Undergraduates: Last day to withdraw from College without failing grades for the semester.

M December 8

Last day of classes.

  December 9 - December 10

Study Day/Make-up Class Day. [5]

R December 11

Common Exam Day

  December 12 - December 18

Final examinations

R December 18

End of Fall 2014 semester

F December 19

Residence Halls close 10 a.m.

T December 23

Last day for faculty to submit final grades (due by 2pm)

[1] Important information regarding refund periods

[2] The $40 late registration fee and $20 course change/withdrawal fee are an addition to course tuition. Please visit the Student Accounts web page for additional tuition information.

[3] The New York State Education Law, Chapter 161, Section 224 stipulates that: “Any student who is unable, because of religious beliefs, to attend classes on a particular day or days, shall be excused from any examination, study, or work requirements. It shall be the responsibility of the faculty and the administrative officials…to make available to each student…an equivalent opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work requirements which he or she may have missed because of such absence on a particular day or days”. This applies to all religious observances, specified or not specified on the calendar.

[4] Instructors are asked to avoid the scheduling of examinations on this day and to permit students who will be unable to attend classes to make up assignments missed.

[5] ALL ROOMS BEING USED ON THIS DAY MUST BE RESERVED THOUGH THE SCHEDULING OFFICE. Please include course number when reserving space.

» Download the academic calendar in .ics format (use in Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, on your iPhone, and more!) What is .ics format?