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Our Program and Curriculum

Hundreds of students from around the world have learned English at the Haggerty English Language Program (HELP). Established in 1979, students have come to HELP to meet their educational, professional, and personal goals.

HELP has an established reputation for excellent teachers, creative language teaching, and classes where students receive individual attention. The program also emphasizes cultural exchange alongside academic study. 



There are Four Levels of Instruction Available

The courses emphasize practical usage of English and academic preparation.  At each of our four levels (from elementary to academic preparation classes), four classes are offered:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Special Topics (special language topics, such as TOEFL prep, pronunciation, and American culture etc.)



Course Offerings

For ESL course offerings and descriptions visit: ESL Courses

In addition, HELP students have full access to university computer labs to help them reach language goals and to stay in touch with friends and family.



Faculty and Staff

All of our teachers have advanced degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or related fields as well as extensive teaching experience. We emphasize learning and using real English skills that students need in everyday life and for academic success.  Many of our instructors present at local and national conferences in their area of expertise, and several have won awards for teaching and scholarship. 

Meet our faculty and staff and learn about our professional affiliations



In addition to our program of classes, the Haggerty English Language Program offers the following services:


Cultural Activities and Field Trips

Cultural activities and field trips are designed to enrich the student's American experience. Some recent field trips include New York City, visiting working farms, apple pickings and hiking in the nearby mountains.


Conversation Partners

Conversation Partners program, provides each student with the chance to meet weekly with an American student for informal conversation.  We pair each interested ESL student with a specially trained American conversation partner, providing you with extra language practice and a great chance to mix with other university students.


Mentoring and Advising

Each semester, all students have a one-on-one meeting with a faculty member to get advice and plan their future studies. Students who wish to study at other universities (in the SUNY system or elsewhere) can get support to help them with their school selection.



Concurrent Enrollment in SUNY New Paltz Classes

Matriculated students in our advanced levels who also meet the required criteria may enroll in an academic class at SUNY New Paltz while also enrolled in ESL classes. Non-Matriculated students in our highest level may enroll in an academic class at SUNY New Paltz while also enrolled in ESL classes.


Conditional Admission

Students applying to undergraduate and most graduate degree programs at SUNY New Paltz may be admitted without proof of English proficiency if they meet all other admissions standards. Upon arrival, theses students will be tested and placed into academic or ESL courses as needed.  These students will be:

  • issued an I-20 from SUNY New Paltz for the appropriate degree program, but that I-20 will indicate that the student is not yet proficient in English and that she or he will be tested for English proficiency upon arrival.
  • eligible to enroll in an academic course if they are placed in our advanced levels and meet the required criteria. 
  • eligible to undertake a full-time program of degree study upon completion of the Haggerty English Language Program or upon achieving the needed proficiency based on TOEFL or IELTS test scores.


Computer Labs

The University has several computer labs which can be used for extra language learning, or just to check e-mails or chat with friends. Language program students have full rights to all facilities and activities of university students. 



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