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Environmental Geochemical Science


SUNY New Paltz and the surrounding region are rich in resources that can support this program.

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Internal Resources

The Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Geology have sufficient laboratory space, and appropriate laboratory instrumentation and equipment to provide excellent training and hands-on opportunities for our students.

The Department of Biology has ample laboratory space and facilities in the completely renovated Coykendall Science Building. This includes a fully operational Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) laboratory, shared with Geology and Engineering, a Microbiology Laboratory and a Power Lab Data Acquisition System.

The Department of Chemistry, sharing the Coykendall Science Building with Biology, has an array of spectrometers (UV/VIS, FT-IR, ICP-Atomic Emission and NMR) and chromatographic instruments (GC and HPLC), as well as a GC/MS analyzer. These instruments are essential for the isolation, separation, identification and quantification of molecular substances that may be associated with an environmental problem. Computer access for students to computational and modelling programs is available within the Department's Computer Facility.

In addition to its spacious laboratories in the Wooster Science Building, the Department of Geology shares use of the(SEM) and (TEM) laboratories. Polarizing Light Microscopes are also available. A recent addition to the Department has been the establishment of a dedicated Student Computer Facility that utilizes a wide range of modelling software and provides Internet access for downloading appropriate materials for environmental and geological studies. In support of a new advanced undergraduate course in Meteorology, the Department has purchased new instruments including a research quality small particle counter, GPS units, psychrometers, altimeters and wind gauges. All of this equipment will be available for the use of students doing senior research projects in environmental science.

Library resources and access to primary literature are available to all faculty and students. Major online research tools added this past year to the library operations included MathSciNet} and it ScienceDirect} which now provides access to more than 700 journals in science, technology and medicine. These new databases were provided through an expansion of the SUNYConnect operation. Library resources will be further strengthened as additional support from the SUNYConnect system continues to expand.

The School of Science and Engineering sponsors an annual Colloquium Series consisting of five public lectures that are offered free of charge to students, faculty and the community, two each fall and three each spring. The series has to date included one lecture each semester focused on an environmental science issue.

Engineering sciences have a fundamental role in affecting environmentally sustainable technology, as evidenced by such activities as resource inventory and evaluation, site analysis and development, environmental systems design, structures and transportation systems, pollution abatement, management and/or remediation. Expertise from the engineering group associated with the State's Regional 3 Office of the Department of Environmental Conservation, two miles from the campus, will provide a valuable resource for the program.

External Resources

SUNY New Paltz is located in a region offering students many possible options to pursue senior research projects that relate to environmental concerns. The Mohonk Preserve and the Ashokan Reservoir are within reasonable driving distance. Important local and regional organizations and agencies dedicated to environmental work include the Region 3 Office of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Estuaries and River Institute, the Hudson Basin River Watch, the Phillies Bridge Farm Project, the Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Clearwater, Scenic Hudson and the Ulster County Environmental Management Council.

Web Sites of Interest

* Mohonk Preserve
* United States Environmental Protection Agency
* New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
* Environmental Notices Bulletin (Information on Pending Actions Potentially Affecting the Environment)
* Environmental News and Commentary
* World Atlas
* Images: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Library
http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/index.html and http://terraserver.com
* Weather Forecasts
http://cirrus.sprl.umich.edu/nxnet and http://www.atmos.albany.edu/deas/wx.html
* Climate Data and Outlooks
http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov and http://grads.iges.org/pix/clim.html
* American Meteorological Society
* National Institute for Water Resources