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From the Graduate Director

English Graduate Program

The English Graduate Program offers a thorough grounding in literary history and theory in preparation for advanced work at the doctoral level, careers in secondary or community college teaching, and other professional opportunities. The program grants the Master of Arts (MA) degree, and in conjunction with the School of Education, the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, a joint MA/MAT degree, and the Master of Science in Teaching (MSEd) degree. Students follow a structured plan of study comprising 30 credits of coursework in English for the MA, 12 credits in English for the MAT, and 15 credits in English for the MSEd. (Please see Curriculum Requirements for the plans of study and the Secondary Education webpage for further information about the MAT, MA/MAT, and MSEd degrees). The English Department has the largest graduate program in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with an average enrollment of one hundred students and a faculty of twenty-two tenure-line professors. Financial support for MA students is available through Teaching and Graduate Assistantships; these competitive positions cover tuition for two courses and pay a stipend of $2500 per semester.