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Division of Engineering Programs

Bio-industrial Materials Institute

Rationale: The success of hemp in industrial and technical applications is completely a function of how it compares to other plant-based and man-made materials on a cost and performance basis. SUNY New Paltz is in a unique position to leverage state supported programs, multi-institutional collaborations, business interests, and the political and multi-demographic positive fervor around hemp to build a unique program which address not only the opportunity for hemp, but emerging Bio-Industrial Materials industry in general.  By pulling together a large pool of collaborators of researchers and processors, the center/institute can develop standards to characterize, as well as actually characterize, these materials thereby becoming an anchor connecting farmers to end-users.

Mission: To collaboratively establishing a comprehensive understanding of bio-industrial materials, and their opportunities, through partnerships to increase the competitiveness and material use. (Figure A)

  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration between universities and business
  • Build on agronomy research (Cornell & SUNY Morrisville)
  • Outcomes of research are directly useful for industry
  • Establish a database of hemp and other natural fiber properties
  • Need to understand other materials to determine competitiveness of hemp
  • Correlate agronomy practices to quality of materials
  • Establish a database of processing options for bio-materials
  • Lots of different research options (Figure B)
  • Useful to material suppliers
  • Establish a database of application options for bio-materials
  • Useful to end users
  • Develop market related metrics


 Figure A

Figure B



For more information, please contact Jared Nelson at nelsonj@newpaltz.edu or 845-257-3887.