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Emergency Management

Emergency Management Team Members

The Emergency Management Team (EMT) consists of the following individuals from across the campus:

  • Scott Schulte, Emergency Manager and Associate Director of Environmental Health & Safety (Chair)
  • David Dugatkin, Chief of University Police Department
  • Michael Malloy, Director of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Gary Buckman, Director of Facilities Operations
  • Peter Fairbrother, Internal Controls Officer
  • Thomas Gaffney, Assistant Director of Human Resources
  • Melissa Kaczmarek, Media Relations Manager
  • John Reina, Interim Assistant Vice President for Technology
  • Elizabeth Shuipis, Senior Staff Assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Jay Palen, Assistant Director of Telecommunications
  • W. Wayne Brumfield, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
  • John Shupe, Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management
  • Matthew Skillman, Digital Media Manager
  • Shelly Wright, Chief of Staff and Vice President for Communication