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Department of Elementary Education

Master of Science in Education

Reading/Literacy Specialization (013R)

Chair, Department of Elementary Education
Department Office
OMB 223
(845) 257-2860

This program will lead to a Master of Science in Education degree and professional certification in Childhood (1-6). The program does not lead to certification as a Reading/Literacy Teacher. It is designed for those candidates who wish to enroll in more reading courses than other programs would provide. All courses in the program must have the approval of the Reading Coordinator.

Admissions Requirements
Candidates for admission are required to submit the following documents/information to The Graduate School, HAB-804B:

  • Admission application available from The Graduate School
  • Two official transcripts of all previous college/university coursework from accredited institutions
  • A copy of a provisional or permanent teaching certificate in elementary education (B-2, PreK-6, or Grades 1-6)
  • Three recent (within two years) appropriate letters of recommendation (at least one from a professor/instructor) on professional letterhead supporting the applicant's potential to undertake graduate study

Candidates are also expected to have earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their undergraduate coursework and earned a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Program Requirements

Candidates are required to:

  • Develop a plan of study with an assigned advisor upon being awarded matriculation status
  • Complete no more than 6 credits of coursework toward the degree before matriculation
  • Complete prescribed coursework and other requirements within the designated time as assigned by the New York State Certification Office
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA average of 3.0 or better with no more than two grades below B-

Curriculum Requirements (36 graduate credits)

Liberal Art & Science Core (9 credits)
This is a continuation of undergraduate content and aligned with the specialization track. Courses will be selected with advisement from the respective departments and from one of the following content areas

  • Mathematics, Science, Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Languages other than English
  • English/Language Arts

Students may also choose to substitute graduate electives in Liberal Arts and Sciences and/ or Fine and Performing Arts (up to 6 credits) to continue their academic major.

Elementary Content Core (12-15 credits)
EED550 Advanced Child Development (3 cr.)
EDS581 Issues of Racism and Sexism in Education (3 cr.) or
EDS537 Issues in Multicultural Education (3 cr.)
SED701 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning and School, Part 1 (3 cr.)
SED702 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning and School, Part 2 (3 cr.)
*SPE565 Teaching in Inclusive Classroom (3 cr.)

*Course required for candidates who have not had a previous course to prepare them to work with students with special needs.

Pedagogical Core (12-15 credits)
The pedagogical core is developed from the candidate's choice of specialization track in Reading/ Literacy Education (9 credits) and additional graduate education elective(s).