School of Education

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Department of Elementary Education

Master of Science in Education

Early Childhood Specialization (B-2)(013B)

Coordinator: Susan Stern
Office: OMB 227A
Phone: (845) 257-2852

Students enrolled in the Elementary Education graduate program leading to a Master of Science in Childhood Education may choose to specialize in Early Childhood Education. This track will enhance the student's understanding of how young children, birth through second grade, experience and process learning. The student will plan and evaluate appropriate content and learning experiences for these children.

Curriculum Requirements (36 graduate credits)

Liberal Art & Science Core (9 credits)
This is a continuation of undergraduate content and aligned with the specialization track. Courses will be selected with advisement from the respective departments and from one of the following content areas

  • Mathematics, Science, Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Languages other than English
  • English/Language Arts

Students may also choose to substitute graduate electives in Liberal Arts and Sciences and/or Fine and Performing Arts (up to 6 credits) to continue their academic major.

Elementary Content Core (12-15 credits)

EED550 Advanced Child Development (3 cr.)
EDS581 Issues in Racism and Sexism in Education (3 cr.) OR
EDS537 Issues in Multicultural Education (3 cr.)
SED701 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning and School, Part I (3 cr.)
SED702 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning and School, Part II (3 cr.)
*SPE565 Teaching in Inclusive Classroom (3 cr.)

*Course required for students who have not had a previous course to prepare them to work with students with special needs.

Pedagogical Core (12-15 credits)
The pedagogical core is developed from the student's choice of a specialization track in Early Childhood Education (9 credits) and additional graduate education elective(s).