School of Education

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Course Descriptions

Liberal Art Prerequisites:

GEO273 - Basic Physical Geography (3) Selected aspects of the physical environment and their relationships to humankind. Emphasis on study of maps, weather, and regional climatology. (Department of Geography)

MAT140 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 1 (3) First course of a two-semester sequence covering problem solving, numeration, number theory, relations, functions, integers, rational and real numbers, statistics, probability, and the use of the calculator. Open to students seeking NY State certification in Elementary Education. Prerequisite: Pre-K-6 curriculum and "C-" in 64050 or MPL 3. (Department of Mathematics)

MAT240 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 2 (3) Second course of a two-semester covering problem solving, logic, analysis of geometric shapes and solids, measurement, congruence, similarity, construction, coordinate geometry, transformations, programming LOGO, and the use of the calculator. Open only to students seeking NY State certification in Elementary Education. Prerequisite: Pre-K-6 curriculum and "C-" in 64140. (Department of Mathematics)

Education Prerequisites

EDS371 - Child Psychology & Development (3) Considers theoretical positions regarding growth, learning and personality development as they relate to the education of children. Examines general characteristics and individual differences of the infant and preschool child and the school-age child up to adolescence. Includes child observation and discussion of such factors as sex, role, ethnic and linguistic differences, handicapping conditions and abuse and neglect. (Department of Educational Studies)

EDS340 - Sociological & Philosophical Foundations of Education (3) Explores the social/cultural, philosophical, political, and historical context of schooling in the United States. Issues of social difference in education (such as class, race/ethnicity, gender, language, and ability/disability) are addressed as well as values as they arise in relationships among schools, teachers, students, and communities; in school policies and practices; and in broader educational reform initiatives. Designed for those seeking certification to teach and for others interested in the study of education as a social practice. Some sections are designated by the instructor as writing intensive. (Department of Educational Studies)

EED415 - The Development of Symbolic Representation, Language, and Literacy (3) Exploration of the interaction between symbolic development, language, and literacy acquisition in children birth through five years of age. Development of strategies to encourage language and literacy in very young children.

EED370 - Introduction to Education of Diverse Populations (3) An introduction to the education of children in the United States of America. Specifically, candidates will explore the field of early childhood and elementary education. Topics to be examined include an overview of current issues in schools; the diverse constituents that compose the learning environments of early childhood and elementary school; teaching and learning from a multicultural and inclusive perspective; the increasing collaboration between families and the school in the education of children; and choosing a career in teaching.

Elementary Education Undergraduate Courses