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Elementary Education Course Descriptions

EED393 Elementary Education Selected Topic

Selected topic course descriptions may change from semester to semester. Please consult the Schedule of Classes for more information regarding this course.


  • Must be enrolled in the following level: Undergraduate
  • Must be enrolled in one of the following field(s) of study (major, minor or concentration): Art History 1-6 (630A), Art History B-2 (599A), Biology 1-6 (630B), Biology B-2 (599B), Black Studies 1-6 (630L), Black Studies B-2 (599L), Childhood Education 1-6 (630), Childhood Education B-2 (599), Earth Science 1-6 (630R), Earth Science B-2 (599R), English 1-6 (630E), English B-2 (599E), French 1-6 (630F), French B-2 (599F), Geography 1-6 (630G), Geography B-2 (599G), Mathematics 1-6 (630M), Mathematics B-2 (599M), Political Science 1-6 (630P), Political Science B-2 (599P), Social Studies - History B-2 (599H), Social Studies-History 1-6 (630H), Spanish 1-6 (630S), Spanish B-6 (599S)
  • May not be enrolled in the following class: Freshman

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