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Educational Administration

Certificate of Advanced Study: Transition D


Certificate of Advanced Study
School District Leader Alternative Route - Transition D

The Transition D program (Program code: 401B) is for an exceptionally qualified candidate who does not have three years of classroom teaching service, pupil personnel service, or school leadership service and who has been offered a central office/district level position (e.g. superintendent of schools, assistant superintendent, other person having responsibility for district-wide administration with the exception of school district business leaders).

Admission Requirements: 

  • Two official copies of the baccalaureate and Master's degree transcripts from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.00 or higher at the graduate level.
  • A full time position in a central office/district-wide position at a public school district. A letter of commitment to mentor the candidate must be submitted by the Superintendent of the school district or the BOCES District Superintendent.
  • Five letters of recommendation confirming that the applicant has extraordinary school leadership potential. Forms are available in the Application for Admission to Graduate School packet available from the Graduate School office, HAB 804.
  • A coherent essay to reflect the Interstate School Leaders Licensure (ISLLC) Standards.
  • Fingerprint clearance prior to starting the position as a matriculated student.
  • An electronic portfolio that provides evidence of meeting all ten elements of the transdportfolio

Program Requirements: Transition D

  • Meet with your advisor
  • File a Plan of Study during the first semester after matriculation, which must be completed prior to completing six (6) credits. A faculty member from the Department will be assigned as your advisor and will assist in the development of the Plan of Study.
  • Complete prescribed course work and other requirements within five years after matriculation.
  • Maintain a cumulative average of 3.00 or higher with no more that two grades below B-.
  • Complete a Child Abuse Seminar
  • Complete a S.A.V.E. course (Taking EDA775 will automatically record this on your New Paltz transcript)
  • Complete a Dignity for all Students (DASA) workshop
  • Complete an Autism Seminar
  • MMR immunization
  • Application to and completion of Internship

Course Requirements (60 credits)

Master's degree + 30 credits

Required Courses (18 credits)

  • EDA793 Leadership and School Organization (3)
  • EDA772 Administrative Theory and Practice (3)
  • EDA775 New York State Education Law and Policy Implementation (3)
  • EDA7xx School District Business course (3)
  • EDA701 Internship (3 credits in each of 2 semesters)
  • EDA702 Internship in Educational Administration (6 credits in one semester)

Elective courses (12 credits)

An appropriate number of the following courses must be selected under advisement at the time the student matriculated in a specific program.

  • EDA784 Curriculum Development for Administrators (3 credits)
  • EDA774 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
  • EDA787 The Politics of Educational Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA761 Special Education for School Leaders (3 credits)
  • EDA760 Current Issues in Educational Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA764 Organization and Administration of the Elementary and Middle School (3 credits)
  • EDA765 Seminar in Practices and Problems of the Supervisor (3 credits)
  • EDA767 Seminar in Practices and Problems of Elementary and Middle School Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA773 School Business Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA776 Finance and Revenue Management (3 credits)
  • EDA777 Seminar in Practices and Problems in School Business Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA778 School Plant Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA779 Organization and Administration of the Secondary School (3 credits)
  • EDA780 Seminar in Practices and Problems of Secondary School Administration (3 credits)
  • EDA781 Improvement of Secondary School Curriculum and Instruction Through Supervision (3 credits)
  • EDA785 Public Relations for Administrators (3 credits)
  • EDA786 Facilities Planning, Operation and Maintenance (3 credits)
  • EDA793 Selected Topics (3 credits)

NOTE: The candidate is advised to contact the Department of Educational Administration as early as possible in the process of considering the Transition D program