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Policies & Procedure Manual: Policy

The request and determination of accommodation(s) is handled through the designated campus contact. The Director of the Disability Resource Center is the designated campus contact for students requesting accommodations. The ADA Director/ Compliance Officer is the designated campus contact for faculty and staff requesting accommodations. A faculty member, lecturer, administrator, or supervisor should contact the respective designated campus contact when a request is received to accommodate an individual with a disability if:

  • There are questions or concerns about services, means of accommodating someone with a disability, verification of a disability, or responsibility for responding to the needs of a person with a disability; and/or
  • Accommodation would or might alter the essential functions of the assignment or of a requirement for the course or program.

An individual with a disability will be expected to meet the course or program standards whether or not an accommodation is needed. An individual with a disability who is capable of meeting these standards in a different way than is customary will be provided with a reasonable accommodation to enable the individual to do so.

The types of accommodation provided to individuals with disabilities may vary according to the nature of the disability and the physical environment/ course content/job requirements. For example, an individual may request an accommodation only during the winter, or may benefit from a testing accommodation in one subject area, but not in another. It is not unusual for there to be an initial trial-and-error period of finding the best way to evaluate an individual's ability to demonstrate mastery of course material or performance expectations.

All disability documentation is regarded as confidential, and access to the disability files is restricted to professional staff of the Disability Resource Center and college administrators on a "need to know" basis. Individuals with a disability must sign a release form before any information or summary of information can be released from the Disability Resource Center.

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