The Department of Digital Media and Journalism offers students the opportunity to minor in two areas, Journalism or Film and Video Studies. Below are outlines of required coursework. Any SUNY New Paltz student wishing to declare a minor may do so by visiting the department.

Journalism Minor Plan
JRN - Journalism Minor Code
Liberal Arts Curriculum
18 Credit Hours

Course #
Journalism I
One of the following:
DMJ232 Journalism II
DMJ314 Feature Writing
DMJ313 Public Affairs and Reporting
DMJ312 Copyediting & Layout
Two of the following:
DMJ452 Mass Media Law
DMJ347 Ethics in Journalism
DMJ464 Press in America
DMJ334 Literature in Journalism  
The following:  
DMJ490 Journalism Fieldwork (Internship-Comm/Media) 3 or 4
DMJ491 Internship Seminar 1

Students must complete fieldwork at a newspaper or magazine. This fieldwork would mean working 8-12 hours a week for 15 weeks, or an equivalent number of hours in a summer. See department secretary for fieldwork requirements.

Download the Journalism Minor Plan *



Film and Video Studies Minor Plan
FVS - Film and Video Studies Minor Code
Liberal Arts Curriculum
18-21 Credit Hours

Acceptance Requirement:  Completion of 30 college credits with proof of a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and approval of one of the Minor Co-Chairs.

I. Required Courses:  6-7 credits

ARH 348 History of Film (3)

Select one of the following:

DMJ215 Digital Storytelling (4) – Required if taking Production Concentration.

DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary (3)

II. Concentration Requirements:  12-15 credits

Choose one of the following Concentrations:

A. Production Concentration

Select two of the following (6 credits):

ARS334 Digital Video (3)

DMJ319 Writing for Digital Media (3)

DMJ419 Screenwriting (3)

ENG348 Dramatic Writing for Stage and Screen (3)

MUS350 Computer and Electronic Music (3)

MUS380 Basic Recording Techniques (3)

Plus two Criticism and Cinema OR Culture and History Through Cinema courses from course lists below (6 credits.)

B.  Cinema Criticism and Culture Concentration

Select four courses from the Criticism and Cinema and Culture and History Through Cinema course lists below (12 credits):

1. Criticism and Cinema

DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary (3)

DMJ433 Aesthetics and Criticism of Television (3)

CHI299 Contemporary Asian Film (1)

ENG372 Fiction into Film (3)

ITA375 Italian Cinema (4)

2. Culture and History Through Cinema

DMJ331 History of American Television (3)

DMJ341 Cultural Diversity in U.S. Film (3)

ENG368 The Jewish American Experience in Literature and Film (3)

GER319 Women in German Literature & Film (4)

ITA261 Italian Society in Film (4)

SOC361 Images of Poverty in Film (3)


*Please note: Majors in Journalism must take nine credits outside of their major (DMJ) in order to complete the minor.

**Please note: additional classes will appear on the above course lists. Advisors must guide students into the appropriate classes.

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