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The Journalism Major

Journalism at New Paltz is a growing, thriving program, one of the most comprehensive in New York state. Journalism students have a wide variety of courses from which to choose and learn both skills and media theory. Courses range from practical news gathering for multi-media journalism and news writing, to explorations of the history, law and literature of journalism. Students learn not only how to put together a news story in a variety of media platforms, but the reasons why our society needs news and information.

Students in the program compose, shoot, edit, and post their stories in our state-of-the-art computer facility, with over 20 terminals in a simulated professional news room where deadlines have to be met. This laboratory experience prepares students for the realities of the workplace. In our separate editing-graphics computer facility, students learn about typography, graphical integration, and design of news pages.

This lab experience prepares students for an exciting opportunity in the New Paltz journalism program -- working on the nationally renowned Legislative Gazette, a weekly newspaper published in Albany and written by New Paltz students. At the Gazette, students become professionals, writing about state government, working alongside reporters from the state's top newspapers. The Gazette is the only paper of its kind in the nation. Students also work at various other locations for internships.

In addition, students' work can appear on The Little Rebellion, a multi-platform student-created media outlet.

Once a year students have the chance to study with a renowned journalism professor as part of the James H. Ottaway Professorship, the only distinguished professorship at the college. The Ottaway Fellows have included three Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and two best-selling authors.

With this experience and training Journalism students can go on to successful careers in newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, public relations and Internet multi-media journalism.

SUNY New Paltz also sponsors a Study Abroad program in Journalism. Students who participate in this program spend time in The Netherlands or in Denmark.

Journalism Faculty
Journalism faculty members have spent years in news rooms across the state and nation. They have managed newspapers and newsrooms; they have been investigative reporters and sports reporters, editorial writers and feature writers. And, most importantly, they continue to write on local, state, and national issues.

Howard Good, Ph.D. - Professor
Robert Miraldi, Ph.D. - Professor
Lisa A. Phillips, MFA - Assistant Professor
Rachel Somerstein, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Journalism Course Descriptions

Journalism Major Plan *

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