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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I do an internship?

Internships are offered in the spring and fall semesters and during the summer. They are not available during the winter intercession.

2. Do I get college credit for internships?

Internships are awarded upper division, non liberal arts credits on an S/U basis. But first you must be approved by the department

 3. How do I get approved?

You must have a 2.5 GPA, have taken 18 credits in the department, have completed a year of residence at New Paltz and be at least a junior. You must submit a completed application to the Internship Director by the deadline:

For fall internships: the 3rd Friday in April

For spring internships: 2nd Friday in November

For summer internships: 3rd Friday in March

4. How many credits can I get?

That depends on the numbers of hours you work. You earn one credit for 40 hrs of internship work. You must work 8 hrs/wk in the spring and fall (total of 120 hrs), and 12 hrs/wk in the summer (total of 120 hrs) to earn 3 credits.

5. Do I pay for internship credits?

Yes. You register for them and will be billed for them just as you would credits for any other course.

6. Can I accept a paid internship?

Yes, if you can find one. Good luck!

7. How do I find an internship?

You are responsible for finding an internship. You can register for eRecruiting through the Career Development office and search web sites of companies that interest you.

8. Can I intern with the family business?

No. Internships are meant to develop new skills and contacts in your field in order to enhance your ability to find work when you graduate.

9. What requirements are there during the internship?

You will need to take the one credit Internship Seminar that meets 3 rimes during your internship. You will receive a letter grade for this class.

10. Where can I get an application and further information?

Applications are available in the Comm and Media Office in the Internship Information packet. Questions can be addressed to Robert Miller, Internship Director, CSB 49,, 257-3462.

See the Internship Program Info packet for more information and application forms.