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The Media Management Major

In an age of emerging and converging technologies, these are exciting times for people working in the digital media industries. Our students prepare for an increasingly global market that programs material via the traditional broadcast and cable networks as well as Blu-Ray, On Demand, and the Internet.

Majors in Media Management prepare in areas such as advertising, global media systems, law, research, and programming, for management positions across the various media. The Media  Management Major combines a solid liberal arts foundation with both theoretical and practical courses ranging from research and writing to business and managerial courses. For many, classroom study is put to the real-world test via internships with leading media companies.

The Program
Students who wish to become Media Management majors may declare upon admission. They must then complete the prerequisite courses. These courses help to give prospective majors a solid foundation in the history, regulation, business and creative aspects of 21st Century Media. Once these basic requirements have been met, students follow an application procedure for acceptance into the program.

Film and Video Studies Minor

An interdisciplinary minor in Film and Video studies offered, in part, by the Department of Digital Media and Journalism, offers students who are interested in experiencing Film and Video (theory or basic production) as part of their over all education experience.  To learn more about the minor click here:

A broad-based, competitive internship program offers qualified juniors and seniors challenging opportunities to extend their learning experience to the media workplace. New Paltz students have interned with organizations such as: American Movie Classics, ABC, BMG, CNBC, Comedy Central, HBO, Lifetime, MSG, MTV, NBC, The Shooting Gallery, and a wide variety of metropolitan-area radio and television stations. Interns have also worked on programs such as The Daily Show, Rosie O'Donnell and Law and Order.

Members of the Digital Media faculty have professional experience as well as graduate degrees in their field. Their individual areas of specialization include audio and video production, digital film production, media management, global media, media history and criticism, and media effects. Faculty are actively engaged in professional productions, consultants to a number of Fortune 500 media firms, hold office in national organizations, create original media projects, and publish media-oriented research.

Lynn Spangler, Ph.D. - Professor
Daniel Labbato, MFA - Assistant Professor
Joseph Vlachos, M.A - Adjunct Instructor
Jerry Persaud, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Patricia Sullivan, Ph.D. - Professor
Gregory Bray, Ph.D.- Assistant Professor
Will Hong, MFA - Assistant Professor
Todd Holmes, ABD - Assistant Professor
Thomas Cznarty, MFA - Lecturer

Applying for the Major
Students who indicate an interest in Digital Media Management when applying to the college will be admitted as and advised by the Department of Digital Media and Journalism.

You must apply for this major before you have completed 75 credits.

Transfer Students
It is important that you see the Department of Digital Media and Journalism academic advisor or chair to evaluate your transferred courses that might count towards the major, including if any can count as a core course. If you have not had all the required courses at your previous school, you will be enrolled as a pre-major.

The emphasis on a Liberal Arts educational program, combined with professional skills courses, provides students with the ability to find employment in various media industries or continue studies in graduate school.

Digital Media graduates are employed by networks such as ABC, American Movie Classics, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Fox, HBO, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, Showtime, and The Weather Channel. Other New Paltz graduates are working at AT&T, Clear Channel, Dan Klores Associates, The NPD Group, National Hockey League, New York Times Television, Ogilvy & Mather, Seltel, Sony Music, and J. Walter Thompson. Internationally, New Paltz graduates have joined the European Broadcasting Union, Singapore Broadcasting, and the Swedish Broadcasting System.

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