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Digital Archive

Welcome to the Digital Archive

The Digital Archive in the Department of Communication & Media is a repository for media work and short video productions in digital form. Digital Archive also takes submissions for the television show, Video Remix, which airs on Mondays at 9pm on Channel 6.

Have Video Remix broadcast your creative ideas to the community on television! The Digital Archive is looking for original video projects that can be included in the Video Remix TV show. Video Remix celebrates the creative spirit of New Paltz students by broadcasting a wide range of video materials, from experimental and music videos to documentaries and dramatic shorts.

Submissions to Video Remix are limited to SUNY New Paltz student only.
If you are thinking of submitting a video for Video Remix send an inquiry to:
Professor Daniel Labbato in the Department of Communication and Media at this email address:

Submission Information:

  1. Submissions are limited to 8min maximum, longer pieces will need to be condensed by the editorial board of Video Remix.

  2. People submitting work must be the producer/creator of the work, holding copyright and able to grant limited “usage rights” to Video Remix.

  3. The submitted work must not infringe on a third party’s copyright. No name brands or logos, product placement, copyrighted music, or video clips from material that the producer does not have copyright.

  4. Submissions should be in accordance with FCC guidelines on “indecency,” “profanity” and “obscenity.”

  5. Submissions should be a video file that is in accordance with the file specifications listed. Depending on the size of the file, submissions can be turned in on CDROM, DVD or hard drive as a .MOV or MPEG2 file.

Thank you for your interest and "Keep Shooting!"