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Digital Fabrication Lab

Pricing Information

Here in the DFL, there is a nominal fee for the usage of the machines. That fee may be for run time, it may be for materials, it may be both. To expedite the payment process individuals can use our online payment system. This allows users to pay for services/materials immediately and leave with their final product. Some services offered by the DFL may be covered by course fees, this will be assessed on a case by case basis. If the job you are working on pertains to a course you are currently enrolled in, make sure to notify the staff so they may assess whether your course fees cover your lab usage, otherwise the individual will need to pay for the job and materials personally.



1/8” COLORED ACRYLIC $7.00 a sheet 
1/8” CLEAR ACRYLIC $6.00 a sheet
.022” CHIPBOARD $0.30 a sheet
.15” CARDBOARD $0.60 a sheet
 3mm BALTIC BIRCH $1.40 a sheet 
LASER RUN TIME COST:  $0.33 a minute



NOTE: All of the sheets sold here in the lab are 12" x 18" which is the size of the laser bed.




ALL VINYL $1.50 per foot
TRANSFER PAPER $0.50 per foot 




The cost for the CNC router is based on runtime of the machine.

CNC ROUTER RUN TIME COST $37.50 per hour (.625¢ per min)


NOTE: This hourly rate is for SUNY New Paltz students, faculty, and staff. Pricing for external clients will differ

For more information pertaining to the router and its pricing, please reference the CNC router page here on the site. 





24” ROLL PAPER:   
EPSON ENHANCED MATTE      $ 1.10 / square foot
EPSON PREMIUM GLOSSY $ 1.25 / square foot
BOND WHITE $ 0.85 / square foot
13” x 19” SHEET PAPER:  
PREMIUM MATTE:       $ 2.50 / per sheet
PREMIUM SEMI GLOSS: $ 3.50 / per sheet
PROVIDE YOUR OWN PAPER $ 0.75 / square foot 

NOTE: The cost for roll paper printing is calculated by the square foot. Use the equation below to determine the cost of your print to avoid any un-welcomed surprises.


LENGTH × WIDTH ÷ 144 = total square footage. 

So for the image below we have 24″ x 18″

24″ × 18″ =  432″    then    432″ ÷ 144″ = 3′

The image has a total of 3 square feet so if this were to be printed on say Enhanced White paper, we would find your total cost like this:

3 square feet × $1.10 per square foot =  $3.30