The second year of the Digital Design and Fabrication is finishing up this Spring with a talented group of artists, designers and engineers working in a variety of industry's completing the program.  We are now enrolling for Fall, 2015.  The two courses being offered for the Fall are:

Introduction to Computational Media

Mondays from 5-7:50

Instructor: Aaron Nelson, Director of the MakerBot Innovation Center

3D CAD Modeling 1

Wednesdays from 5-7:50

Instructor: Kat Wilson, Assistant Director of the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center


To register for the program, please contact:
Daniel Freedman
School of Science and Engineering
The admissions process is very informal, but we would like some idea of your background in art, design or engineering and why you are interested in the program.  Unless you indicate otherwise, you will be registered into the zero credit option.  If you wish to take the courses for credit, please indicate that with a note on the registration form.  The zero credit option is $850/course.  This includes all materials and a $50 3D printing allowance.  Taking the courses for credit is somewhat more expensive.  The cost is given here.


3D CAD Modeling 1
Introduction to Computational Media

3D CAD Modeling 2
Introduction to Mechatronics


The interface of digital design and new fabrication technologies such as 3D printing will revolutionize how we design and create objects. 3D printing is a transformative technology that can produce an object from a digital file created either from the imagination or scanned from another object. 3D printers continue to rapidly drop in price and have become more user-friendly. Within a few years, simple models will be as affordable and commonplace as ink jet printers. The variety of potential applications is immense, including obvious uses such as rapid prototyping, creating art objects, replacing broken and worn-out parts in consumer goods, and more experimental uses such as printing out living cells and even replacement organs.

The Digital Design and Fabrication program is a collaboration of the SUNY New Paltz Schools of Fine and Performing Arts and Science and Engineering designed to provide an introduction to how to conceptualize and create digital designs that can then be fabricated on a 3D printer. Also included are basics of mechatronics that will provide the understanding for how 3D printers function as well as discussions on the broader social/cultural/technological aspects of this important new technology.

The two-semester program will be offered as a non-credit program targeted at both businesses and entrepreneurs interested in rapid prototyping and the art and design community.