3D CAD Modeling 1

Introduces design principles, ideation, three-dimensional construction approaches using a variety of materials, and three-dimensional visualization technology.


Introduction to Mechatronics

Mechatronics is the integration of mechanical, electrical and computer technologies into the synergic design of computer controlled electro-mechanical systems.


Programming for Media

Introduces students to Processing, an open source programming language designed for novice programmers within the context of visual arts and digital media. Processing has a wide variety of applications in programming images, animations and interactivity, as well as for prototyping and production. providing digital control of a wide variety of devices, such as 3D printers.


3D CAD Modeling 2

Introduces and develops a further understanding of 3D visualization technology, rapid prototyping, and other industrial processes, including Rhino 3D software, Adobe Illustrator, and related equipment. Students will develop and create artworks that examine art, craft and design and prototypes for production.