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Construction Updates

Hasbrouck Renovation for Bakery

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Status: Construction Phase

The closing of the bakery facilities that had been located in the Service Building left the campus without a bakery space. A current renovation to the west side of Hasbrouck Dining Hall will include floor space for a production bakery, walk in coolers, dry storage and a retail cafe space. The area will get new partitions, ceilings, flooring, millwork, ramp and elevator modifications, HVAC work, plumbing, fire protection and new lighting to list a few. The project is scheduled for completion early 2018.

The contractor is still working on finishing up the new area. Those CAS offices that were originally displaced with the renovation, however, have moved back into their new spaces.


Estimated Cost: $5 million
Estimated Date of Completion: spring 2018
Architect: Dembling & Dembling Architects PC, Albany NY
Construction Manager: Garry Nack
College Representative: Michael Weatherly
Contractor: Key Construction Services LLC, Poughkeepsie NY
Source of Funding: CAS, Capital