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Construction Updates

Speech-Language Hearing Center Renovation

Last Updated: Friday, July 28, 2017

Status: Construction Phase

The department of Communications Disorders currently located in the Humanities building is required to provide ADA accessibility into the building and throughout the interior spaces that are occupied by the department as to provide accredited expanded facilities. This area, approximately 5,500 SF, will undertake a modification to the interior areas to create ADA compliant restrooms, test booths, laboratories, office, classrooms and storage spaces. In addition, a new ADA entrance on the north side of the building will be constructed.

The Speech, Language and Hearing department has moved out of the area and into their temporary location in the South Classroom Building. Construction is on-going with HVAC, electric and wiring rough-ins, and drywall installation. Work is on-going on the storefronts and site work. The project is schedule to be completed mid August.


Estimated Cost: $1,380,000
Estimated Date of Completion: Summer 2017
Architect: QPK Design Syracuse, NY
Construction Manager: Garry Nack, Project Manager
College Representative: Michael Waetherly, Architectural Designer
Contractor: Transitional Builders Inc. Poughkeepsie NY
Square Footage: 5,500
Source of Funding: Capital