Service Building Renovation

Last Updated: Friday, January 29, 2016

Status: Construction Phase

Facilities Operations & Maintenance, Environmental Health & Safety, Facilities Design & Construction, and the University Police Department are in need of updated facilities. The defunct kitchen facilities' old meat and vegetable coolers have been used to provide temporary storage, and those spaces are not at capacity and not easily accessible. Growing needs of the departments require additional office space and storage/filing space. University Police is compromised, as it is housed in a space that is inadequate for day-to-day departmental operations. The custodial department that has been housed in the basement of College Hall and the new Office of Campus Sustainability will be housed with the rest of Facilities Management to better meet the needs of the department as a whole.

The contractor is working on Phase 2 at the present time. This is the area that UPD had vacated in December when moving to their new location on the south-east side of the Service Building. Facilities Design & Construction and EH&S have also moved upstairs to the newly renovated space. Once Phase 2 is complete in April 2016, Facilities Operations and Custodial staff will move into the newly renovated space on the lower level that has been created for them.


Estimated Cost: $5,000,000
Estimated Date of Completion: Spring 2016
Architect: Architecture +
Construction Manager: Garry Nack, Project Manager
College Representative: Michael Weatherly, Architectural Designer
Contractor: MLB (Malta, N.Y.)
Square Footage: 38,000-sf building. Renovated area 20,000 sf.
Source of Funding: Capital